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WST Teams Cancelled

It is with great disappointment that I have to tell our 9/10 yr olds that we will not be participating in the West St. Tammany Basketball League any more. We were notified that we were thrown out because other teams parents did not think it was fair. We were not notified till after the decision, I contacted the Pelican Park n Coquille district  to see if we could jump into their leagues with no luck. I truly apologize for this and feel absolutely terrible. What our plans are in replacement of this is to do our own in house bb leagues. We are talking with 2-3 other private school teams to jump into our league and that Looks promising. Right now we can field  5 teams plus whoever else jumps in. Kenny and I will put together new teams and develop a schedule. We will play games on 1 night during the week and on Saturday. We will keep record of wins and losses and have a champion. Bottom Line now that they have pissed me off we will do it so much better than any of those districts ever thought of. With this said we will not play this Saturday, look for information early next week on teams and schedules. Looking to start after Thanksgiving and run through Mid February. Again I am so sorry but on a good note I sent a very descriptive letter to all the WST directors telling them what I think of them and their decision. It took 4 tries n word revisions to get the internet to accept my letter to them. Who knew the internet was so sensitive. My mom made me do it.