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What Makes My Program Different

-What makes my program different

& -what I expect from our players n parents if we are to keep our program different from coaches n dads that rent gym n balls to put teams together and play.

What makes us different? -well to be honest there are 4 distinctive features but the one that selfish people use to their advantage n then dismiss when they believe their kid is too good, is the one I will discuss today.

Here it is- when you join my organization I give you everything I have to train your child regardless of his or her attitude, ability or financial situation. I allow your child the ability to grow in the world of basketball n LIFE thru our trainers, my facility, my leagues, my players. The ability my organization processes to improve your child is unmatched anywhere. The ability to gain confidence, play with bigger, older, faster, tougher, smarter better players than your child is a special feature within my facility. If you need to play up, you can. If you need to play down, you can. If you need to play with some of the best players in your grade or this area so you can see what it takes to be like them, you can. When your not the best or even close to it, we allow you the ability to improve your game thru our program.

So when you get to be good n then you decide that another program is better for you, then I become a little irate. Excuse me highly pissed off. Here is the reason. You used my program n now when you are in 8/9 grade n think you have out grown us. All you have done is be selfish. Our program needs you to be the leaders of the ones below you. The one who helps guide, mentor, play with the ones not as gifted as you. Just as you were the one being guided n lead by the ones above you. Sorta makes you humble n helps you to understand where you came from n that helping others is good thing. We have a team for you if you are that good, don’t fool yourself. Paying it forward like the ones before you. I have a list 2 miles long with kids who were to good for my program according to their parents. To date none are playing in D1. N ya they play college ball, right along or behind my players in the same college league. N truth be told I have more D1 players than those who were to good for us from our area.,


N I will be the one that will be honest n tell you when you have out grown our program not some rented AAU or school coach trying to fill out a roster with better players than he or she has already. In my 13 yrs doing this I have had 5-6 players outgrow my program from 8 grade on n I told them to look n helped them look for other teams.

I am always amazed how parents who knew very little to nothing in 3/4 gr become such Basketball experts in 8/9 grade. I am successful in what I do because I am honest, knowledgeable n have the ability to develop n train players. I am not in the BS n recruiting business. Again when your child gets to be that great I will tell you n put your child’s name in the face of college coaches n recruiters.

Just a reminder of what my group provides n why I am pretty passionate about it n rent a coaches slinging lines at you.