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Update on Coach Ryan June 29 2012

As most of you know by now, a member of the Northshore Titan family was involved in a tragic accident this past weekend. We grieve for the victim, his family as well as for Coach Ryan. Given the circumstances of this tragedy, we find ourselves with many concerns, questions and emotions for everyone involved. Coach Ryan is a beloved member of our family that we will support in his time of need. He will be back with us. When Coach Ryan returns, please respect his privacy and do not ask him about the incident. Instead, please offer supporting words of encouragement. Coach Ryan is very shaken by what has taken place. In addition Coach Ryan is overwhelmed by the support and love that has been shown toward him thus far, and is very appreciative to be part of such a great community. We would like to ask everyone that is a member of the Titan community to please refrain from commenting on message boards and web sites about the incident, the victim, or about Coach Ryan. Please be patient and allow the legal process to run its course. Parents, please speak to your children about what is contained in this message. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Charles or Coach Kenny.