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Update & Advice

Update n Advice

We are not Training Monday after Easter. We will start back on Tuesday n resume as normal.

When we do our focus will turn to defense n the principals around Man To Man. We never play Zone.

We do not have an Easter Camp this year,

Now Advice- I get asked all the time from m my 8th gr. to Juniors, how do I get college coaches to look at me n do we need to play in high level AAU or Exposure Tournaments. Yes to both if your 6’7 or better, freak athlete, n totally dominate your district or state. If you don’t meet those levels, then as I say all the time, make sure your high school team goes to university summer team camps and you personally sign up for several university elite camp that you interested in attending. These elite camps are a great way for a coach to see you up close n see the person n player you are. Be realistic in where you want to go. Playing in off season AAU/YBOA is great when your developing. Once you pass 9/10 grade n that is iffy, you should just train personally to become a better athlete, physically, skill, IQ, shooting, etc. Playing in games from Sophomore to Senior year is fine if you need game experience but if your good as a freshman or sophomore then just work on you personally. Contact college coaches n recruiters n go see them n get into their camps. It can be that simple or that difficult.

Now for Personal Training- when is the best time to start? Real simple, once you develop a game style. If your brand new to basketball then doing personal training is costly n can be wasteful. At that level you are learning simple basic stuff that can cost you from 40-75.00 an hour. We can teach you that for 12.00 an hour in our training center. Once you get to be better or good for your age, then look into a trainer to enhance your game n strengthen your weaknesses. I see 6,7 yr olds doing personal training n I just wonder why. For junior high to high school players you should personal train to gain an advantage n drive you past your comfort zone. Plus your training coach sound be a source of advice n reality.

If you have questions on the above text me or grab me at the gym to discuss. I have been there, done that, seen it work n fail. Success n Failure originated in the first steps. Let us get you started correctly.

Regards, Charles