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Spring 2015 Practice Schedule Announced

Below are a few important things we will need to know for our AAU / YBOA training classes and teams for February. Schedule will be as follows till we change to the final training schedule in late February, once we have teams finalized. We are waiting for the High School season to end. tn_2015-spring-schedule We will have Hannan/ Mandeville/ Fontainebleau/ St. Paul’s/ Lakeshore boys teams for incoming 8 grade as well as current 8 and 9 grade teams. They will have their own dedicated times. These dates and times will be announced February 10th. Till we announce the updated training times these team players are to train at the 8:00 slot on Monday and Wednesdays for time being. Girls school teams for 8 grade up come at 7:00 on Tuesday and Thursday till we otherwise state. We will mix boys and girls in on all the nights as conflicts arise, we are training so there really is no issue on when you come. Once we put players on their teams we will re do the schedule. That schedule will last the rest of the season till June. NEW PLAYERS If you are new, just find your proper time based on your child’s sex and grade and come in. We will get you signed up and squared away. Fairly simple. We will have some 30 teams this year based on numbers we already have committed and what we expect in the next 15 days of registration. Once we reach 30 teams we will not take any additional players. Our limit is 250 players