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Saturday Schedule March 16th

Parents, here are the schedules for this weekend. Please read the list for your child's name and time. If you can not attend please let us know ASAP! We are playing on both courts at Chappapeela.

Court 1
9:00am Players - Harley, Tannah, JC, Abby, Kaydence T, Caitlyn, Lily

10am - Emilee, Kylie, Addison, Chloe, Caitlyn, Kaydence T, Kaydence M

11am - Same team as 9:00am

12pm - Same team as 10:00am

1pm - Cappo, Zack D, Ethan W., Payton L, Payton S, Carlos, Mason, Kolby Rachel

2pm - Trey Knight, Kenny Pierce, Jacob Dupree, Jayden Scott, Noah Hudson, Michael Stewart, Drew Sellers, Andrew Wilson, Drew G, Jacob Estes, Michael Weilbecher

3pm - Puma's, Jaxon Ducree, Haize, Seth Love, Ben Owensby, Dylan Fury, Aaron Stewart, Kyle Clatterbuck

4pm - Same team as 2pm

Court 2
10am - Jada, Lexi, Rebecca, All Mandeville 9th/10 graders

11am - JC, Kaydence T, Kaydence M, Lilly, Natalie, Anna, Emilee, Kylie, Chloe

12pm - Same team as 10am roster

1pm - Same team as 11am Roster

2pm - Court 1's 3pm team vs. Court 1's 1pm team

3pm - Sean Deano, Nathan Posey, David Shultz, Jack Groner, Trey Knight, Sammy St. Pierre, Christopher Bevolo, Denzel Parker