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Saturday Schedule March 11, 2017

Saturday March 11 Games n News Our Gym Girls already know their times from me textin parents during week, any questions text me back. 5.00 per game for ref fee’s Boys: 9:00 -Andrew, Birch, Dennis, Danny R, Connor C., Reece S., DJ, Major G 11:00- Kaden, Abram, Jacob, Torin, Dawson, Anthony D, Major G, Dennis , DJ Game times for 9/10th graders will be 10:00 n 12:00 or 12:00 n 1:00, check back later in day for correct times: - 9/10th graders- Justin, Garret, Ben H, London, Matthew M, Caleb DelaCruz, Jack, Canyon, -EDIT: CONFIRMED FOR 9:00AM AND 10:00AM 9/10th graders- Korrel, Isiah, Hayden, Marshal, Deuce, Jesse, Caleb Puma, Garrett, Kevin, 3:00- Aiden Wide, Scotty W, Jake, Brady, Kevin, Kareem, Evan, Jesse, Dylan C. 3:00- Andrew (Same as 9;00 Andrew), Ty, Alexis, Oliver, Ryan, Canyon, Caleb B 4:00- Luke, Jaycob T, Lionel, Blake D, Jack, Chase, Cade, Anthony D IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, TEXT ME AT 773-4185 Guys wear Training gear to play, 5.00 per game for ref fee’s, paid at door. We will have food and concessions all day Putting together Sunday teams but waiting on which teams they will accept. I will text those playing Sunday. I will start this Monday breaking some of our younger new beginner players into a Tuesady 6:00 training class. Will be just like the Monday class but with less players. I will also do the same for our some of 6/7th grade players, they will go at 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday’s. We need more quality time during with less numbers on the court. We will be adding many players shortly as allstar teams break up and high schoolers start coming back. I will notify those affected on Monday. Some of your children have been put into a Superhandles class run by Keith. This is an advance ballhandeling group that will meet during the week during their regular times. We will do each class for about 4 -5 weeks then choose a new group. We will select those who put forth the effort and show they want this. This is not for everyone. Also I will start the bigs next week and those will be selected as well. I will do this group and we will go throughout the season. Games will be starting on a regular basis about now, If you are out for a Saturday I need to know by Tuesday. Reminder that by the 15th of March I need to know which summer BB camp your child will be attending. Summer Camp schedule is in gym and on line. Put your check with the form so we know which camp you will be attending. This is for current 9th graders and below. Uniforms are in process, training gear is arriving daily.