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Referee Fees – Parents Please Read

Now that AAU season has begun, we're starting to have issues with players not paying their ref fees for games. So while everyone hates to talk about money, we need to be clear about what's expected. Players are expected to have their ref fees in hand to present to the coach BEFORE the games begin. Also, whether you're there or not, if you're on a team you're expected to contribute to the ref fees as we plan for this. Chasing parents down after games or during the week is simply too much to keep track of. This is becoming a major problem and can no longer be a "lax" policy as it costs us a few hundred dollars a weekend between all the teams that are playing. We don't want to hold kids out of games, so parents please make sure this is addressed with the coach when they arrive at the gym. Next week, we will be asking for volunteers for team parents to collect these fees. If you have any questions please talk to Coach Charles.