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Program Updates 2-11-15

As we start  this week Feb. 9th  there are a few things I want to cover. - Parent meeting tonite for 8th grade parents at the gym 7pm -Uniforms Fittings: we are waiting on youth sizes for the younger players but have proper samples for those wearing Adult Small and up. So as your child comes in to train they can try uniforms on and get forms taken care of.  We will have youth sizes for the younger players this Saturday. -Training: Schedule is online, we will be forming some teams this week. The 8th grade- High School teams will take some time and will form after their school season ends. -For those that have not started yet from 8 grade down, we need you to come during the  next 2 weeks or Saturday to fit and order. Those coming after Feb 21 will be seriously delayed in getting proper game equipment. -I am a texter not a phone talking guy. So text me. -As we form the teams there will be occasions when  we move players  because we misplaced them  based on their true  game skills.  The team your child is on is to improve their confidence, skill, technique and build game IQ.