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Parent’s letter May 8 2014

Dear Parents, As we enter May I want to update you on where we are and what we will be doing in May and how we finish up in June, plus other facility on goings. We are now thru 2 months of training and everyone should be  understanding our offense and defensive sets and schemes as well as our breaks and in bounds plays. Some understand better than others  and that happens as many are very new to us. As we play more they will get more comfortable in the schemes and the requirements to play those schemes. You will notice our practices will start to be more 4 on 4 to work ball driving / kicking, defense and rebounding. The skills we will  be doing will focus on individual offensive  / defensive skills that incorporate to team and self improvement. Our training will get more intense and less tolerant of messing around , not knowing, not going hard, being soft and not being accountable to your team mates and coaches. Notice we did not say anything about getting on them about being successful. That will come if they work our process. We are a PROCESS OPERATION. You do our process, you will in time be successful. The time thing happens based on maturity, puberty, continued hard work, etc. Most groups are result driven. Great if you’re the biggest, fastest, toughest at young ages, it stinks when everyone catches up and your advantage is no more.  You cant go back and recapture those days gone of learning. Our training will be more playing and identification of skills and technique  needs. They will quickly understand attention to details is important to stay on court. We won’t ask them anything they have not already done numerous times. These next 2 months will be  the stages where they become basketball players not just kids who play bb. We competed last week with several teams in a state tourney and performed very well. All our teams made it though to the semi’s while our 4 grade team should have competed for the championship and our 5th grade would have but lost a player for Sunday games that would have easily put us in the championship game.  We also had older teams in that did very well. We do these type tourneys to make sure we are providing the proper instruction and skill base to your children. From our game success and pleased parents last weekend- we are. One thing that is lost on our parents and players lots of times is when we combine teams to play in these type events  is the fact it is the first time they are playing together as a team. As opposed to other teams who play together for months or even all yr.   That makes a tremendous difference. Remember our goal is to make your child the best he or she can be in our area, not win a trophy. We want your child to believe in themselves, gain confidence and know the hard work will and is paying off. When the neighborhood or school team gets together your child should represented well. As far as TEAMS are concerned, please check each week the names added to the teams. We will subtract and add players to  teams for the final 2 months of play. Reason we are doing this is to improve your child's understanding of accountability and responsibility for the success of the team. We want different players to step up and carry the weight and success of the team.  New for many players. As you have noticed each team has 2 or so pretty good players . We do have 2 teams of new players that we put together so they could grow and understand together. We will be moving the better players off and on so that the next level players have to step up. The better players will be moving up in grade and sometimes down in order to work on needed skill sets. These next months will be our challenging months for all to show what and how much they have learned. We are not getting rid of teams just adding a few players for additional development reasons. Pay attention to the names added.

JUNE and 3 on 3 play

In June we will still be doing team AAU / YBOA but our training will start to focus more toward Picking n Rolling, Down n Up Screens, Pass n Picking Away, Picks and Inside Rolls, etc. These fundamentals  are more driven to individual and toughness learning. As I say all the time if I could sustain this business doing 3 on 3 only I would. It is simply the best thing we do all year and the most important thing things your child will learn. Every coach your child comes in contact with will admire and appreciate what we teach for 3 on 3. We combine  AAU / YBOA into 3 on 3 for June, July and August.  When we aren't not doing June AAU / YBOA we will do 3 on 3 at our gym on Saturday.  Our  8 grade up will do Friday Night’s while 3-7 grade is on Saturday at our gym.  We will use our blue mesh for 3 on 3. Your AAU / YBOA  satisfies  the 3 on 3 program monthly fee. It is all the same amount. 3 on 3 ends at the end of August.. No need to reregister for 3 on 3. We understand about vacations and when your available you can play  and train.


As of this typing we will be bringing on several new coaches:
  • Steve Alphonso former head BB coach at Lakeshore High School
  • Chris Carter Boys BB coach at Monteleon Junior High
  • Joe Guyton will be our Speed /Agility/ Strength and Conditioning coach from Miller Mc Coy JR/High School, where he coaches football, basketball and Head Track Coach
  • Phil Williams  Head BB coach at St.Pauls
Each will be starting shortly as school ends, they will be training various ages on varying nights. As you see them tell them hello. More info and coaches to follow.  


If you get a friend to start training with us, we will discount you monthly 20.00 for the first 3 months the new player trains with us. You are our best advertising, so please encourage a friend to sign up for the 3 on 3 summer training and leagues..  


Coach Justin is still conducting shooting classes on Friday evening, one of the best ways to improve confidence.  


At 8:30 PM on Monday and Wednesday’s we will have open play till 11:30. for 8grade -Seniors. Outside player is 5.00. Only High School  TEAM players can participate, Free to Titan players.