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Parent Letter from Coach 8.14.16

Dear Parents,                                      8/14/16 Congratulation you made it thru summer and hopefully the rain this past weekend. As we start the fall training session I want to thank you for your support in our program and ask you to tell your friends about what we do. Doing this is a labor of love but many times can be a financial issue. The more kids that join the easier the burden. Again thanks for your help as you are our best advertising First off the schedule for fall is posted and we have made one change already the Thursday training day has been cancelled and we will continue to keep Thursday as a game day for jr. high and high schoolers. We will change as the high school schedule changes and notify you when we do. For Now we have training on Mon, Tues. and Wednesday. Beginners can come any Monday or Wednesday with Tuesday being a must. 3 on 3 Session will continue thru August and into September while we also start doing and preparing for some fall travel 5 on 5 games with outside teams as well an internal games amongst ourselves. You will notice a slight change in our training as we start focus on defense and toughness. Tryouts will be upcoming and these two aspects go a long way with coaches. A change is coming in September, we will going to Pay Pal for monthly payments. No more checks. Checks have been a nightmare for 11 years and checking on who has and who hasn’t paid has been as equal a nightmare. Pay Pal should make things simpler. More information coming. Facebook- if you are not a friend of the program please become one. All latest and greatest is usually on there first with website being second. FB just alerts you to sudden changes that will help you plan your calendar. Grand Opening for Gym is next Saturday the 20th from 4:00pm-8:00 pm. We will have food and drinks. Not sure how it will go but the owner wants to have one, so we will. This will be my first one after three locations. I guess we are legit. Invite your friends and bring the kids to play and shoot around. Texas Hold-Em Card Tournament- This upcoming Friday the 19th. Registration will be at 6:30 with tourney starting at 7:00. Buy in is $50.00 and you can add to that if you like. Will be food and drink provided. We will be looking to do this on a every other month rotation, trying to offset gym costs. You participation will be greatly appreciated. Bring a friend as well. Only 56 players are slotted for this one but we hope to make it much bigger as well hold it regularly. Shooting Classes- I conducted my first session on Teaching Shooting or as I prefer “Scoring the Ball”. We had 11 participants that went 6-7 weeks. I have done this on a individual basis with those with great discipline and drive. Doing this is not easy and at time painful for me and much of the time for the student. I take it pretty serious. My reputation among other coaches is at stake and when I say this person will score 1500 in a career or 2000 or will be the best player ever at that high school or top 2-3 in state I mean it and it usually happens. I can say that the first session went far better than my wildest dreams. Out of 12 we started with, we finished with 8 and of those Ben, Tee, Brynn, Dylan, Canyon and Josh got to a point that I consider their shot form to be a 9/10 in form repetition. Other 2 were just not getting it and or did not work it enough at home. We discussed that each week in our talks. At times, our talks were ugly and mean but they wanted to be able to achieve something rare without putting in the work outside of me so I called them on it. Some stopped, some tried but just did not make it this time. What I can say is I learned a lot about myself and my discipline in teaching this to a group instead of individually. So instead of teaching just one player I now have taught 6 in that same time span. Now obviously there will be follow up and their goal now is to just remain consistent in their form preparation prior to shot, mental thought prior to and during shot and mental and physical behavior after the shot. A lot more than most would think, trust me and the first session participants did extremely well as far as I was expecting. Now I will start session II. I will take only 9. It will be for 6-7 weeks for 2 hours at a time. I am thinking Sunday for sure along with an early Thursday & Friday. As of right now I have 4 already. Let me know if your interested. Cost is 600.00 for 12 hours in 2 hour blocks. Not doing just 1 hr. at a time. Recommended for 6 grade and above. I will be honest and let you know I don’t think your child is ready. Lastly we will have shirts for sale at gym. Titan Program shirts from Port and Company. Nicer than Gildan, lol. We will have short sleeve for 15.00 and long sleeve for 20.00. They will be on wall for viewing and ordering. Remember if you want to talk with me, no problem. Text me and I will get back to you. Thanks, Charles