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Parent Letter 3.15.16

Dear Parents, hope letter finds everyone well. I want to take this time to pass on a few tips and thoughts as we get started with games and such. Yelling from stands during games, please don’t. Several reasons, Refs are never going to get it perfect, they are like you at your job, sometimes they suck. Secondly a lot of times I personally tell them to call the game against us. Meaning don’t call soft fouls against the other team. Holding, pushing, touch fouls etc. because we need to toughen up and play on. Our kids need to take on “us against world attitude”. It means a lot when they get older, refs appreciate a less whiney ass kid on the court, you get more calls that way. Coaches like tough people not cry babies always looking for a “n1”. So let the other team yell, remember we are using them to make your child better. Our kids know what is going on and they accept it, they end up thriving on ‘US AGAINST THE WORLD”. So if your yelling what you believe should be a normal foul and it is not called, most likely I told the ref not to call it. One of our old players once told me that as a coach I was ok, but as a referee I totally suck. I think he appreciates it now cause he is one tough kid playing high school sports. Getting involved in training with the coaches at the gym, for our new people. Your have now been drafted into THE FAMILY, sometimes good sometimes not, like Family. Our singular focus is your childs development any way necessary. No one person cares more about each child at my gym than me. Your trust in me means everything to me and I cant let you or your child down. I don’t fail people. So when I or one of my trainers instruct your child and you don’t like the manner, tone or anything else, I understand. We can talk about it in private. If it spills onto the court during training then your going to be asked to leave with your child. No questions asked. As long as it has not gone to far, no biggee back at it the next day with training, if it does go to far than your really are a threat to others and I cant allow that. My mom, dad and brothers are nuts so nothing that happens is a shocker to me, but the embarrassment your child will endure will never end. Just get up and leave and we can talk the next day. Games days, please bring the proper cash for ref fees. It looks like 6.00 is going to be the norm now. We have been doing 5.00 for the last few years. Please no 20 then asking for change. I pay the tourney director straight from the money collected. That is for League Play games, Tournaments as normal will be more. All tourney costs are different, no set amount. We just divide cost by number of players asked to participate.
24 hr Gym Program, as you now see Eric our Speed Trainer is now set up. So with that the 24 hr program has just added the Speed area to you access ability. You can now use both the courts and exercise area. One note you must first see Coach Eric as you must be familiar with the equipment before you use it and mess it up. Secondly, you are on your own and will sign a document stating such. As everyone knows everyone is on camera at all times in the gym and hallway. Guests you bring in will now be 10.00 to use both courts and exercise, if you only use the courts and no exercise area it is 8.00 for guests. Program runs four months increments and paid in full up front. Monthly fee is 50.00 for Courts and Speed Area. For Courts only 40.00 For Speed Area only 40.00 Speed and Agility Training, Eric is now set up and going. Please consider his training. I can not tell you how valuable it is to your child development in basketball, sports and personally. Being highly coordinated is really now our biggest issues when we play other teams. At young ages the best athletes usually win. They are more self confident, faster, etc. This then translates into a attitude that carries them a long way. If we can combine speed agility training with basketball training we now have a totally different child. Talk to Eric and see what you can work out. Ann Thorpe, as I stated in our parent meeting is now the EVERYTHING for our organization. Basically what she tells me, I will do. WE are changing the way we train and how I prepare our training sessions. Her ability allows me to strictly focus on making your children the best they can be. If you have a question, I am not the person to ask. Training Attendance, at times it stinks and it is noted and your participation is Saturday games will be affected. Just cause you pay means nothing to me if you don’t have your child at training. When your child misses it affects others and the way we train. I take that personally, very personally. I cant make your child better if they are not a training consistently. Plus missing for crazy ass reasons trains your kid the wrong way for the real world. Your in my program and every child here is a reflection of me and my trainers standards. More so mine. I wont put my name on a kid I don’t think is what I would want in my child. So wishy washy people and I don’t mesh. Your all in or all out. I understand family funerals, really nothing else. I don’t need you just your kid. We can get them rides, trust me. No need to call me about why you miss training I really don’t care. Painting Friday, looking for some adults to help paint the wall boards in the gym this Friday from 6:30 on. If we get enough we can prime and paint it all at one time. Like to break up boards so that one person had 3-4 boards and that is it. This will make it really fast. Let Ann know your availability. Coaches Clinic- We are putting together our list of players to attend our clinic. It will be on Sundays from 3:00-4:30. 4th -6th grade from 3:00-4:00 and 7th-8thgrade from 3:30- 4:30. For 8 weeks we will have a different High School coach talk and teach our players what it is like to play High School ball. Fee will be 150.00, we will have sign up sheets in gym shortly. Only 15 players per grouping. Lastly you will see many new things coming out from us, from a player to player mentoring program to a greater effort towards community involvement. Our goal is not to just make this a basketball facility but a facility networked within our community and abroad.