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Ok Update 3/18/18


Right now for weekly training we are working on a couple skill sets for offense n we throw in a blockout rebounding drill as well just to keep a focus on that. The offensive drills are ranging from:


Swinging the ball


Push dribbling the ball

Squaring up

And several others

And as you see on Wednesday and Thursday we are working our:

Fast Breaking

Press Breaking

Offensive Sets n Plays

How we do these 2 sets of priorities are what set us apart n allow us to be a little different. What you need to understand n relay to your child is that not knowing how to perform the drills and or being able to incorporate them into our offensive sets n breaks is not Acceptable or OK. Now I know mistakes happen n I get that n we work to correct them. Continually making the same mistake puts them on the bench n on my bad side. I put constant pressure on them so that should not be an issue. Scrimmage n Games should be easier than the training or disappointing me and the trainers. It should bother them enough to focus more n train harder. This focus n execution will make or break them if they play on junior high n high school. So you n they need to understand that aspect of what we are doing. Trust me I let them know if they are doing it correct or incorrect.

We will start on defensive focus beginning April 1. This aspect will be where they figure out if they have it or are willing to get it.

Man to Man

No Face Cutting


Breaking Down

As we are now starting to play games look for our coaches calling out what the team should be doing n see if your child is doing them.

Push the ball

Up the sideline n get wide

Flash, Flash, Flash

Swing, swing, Swing

Call a play,- 1,2,3

Who is your man?

Wrong Pivot

We are clear in our training n expectations.

Games will look a little disjointed at first as we group experienced n inexperienced players together n play them up and down in age n grade.

Every player is expected to hold up n produce.

Understand this, if your child is not progressing on Monday n Tuesday they will have limited success in games. They know it we identify that to them. We make no ones about this.

If you not good in drills or training I can guarantee your not good in games. Making mistakes or failure is fine as long as your focused on correcting n improving.

Quick Notes:

-Get to game 30 min prior to game

-If your child is in 8 grade or below n has not signed up for a week of summer basketball camp, please do so this week. I want to close this out n move on. Sign up sheet will be in gym this week.

-Wear your Titan training gear to training. If they don’t they most likely will not participate in scrimmages.

-You don’t make training, you don’t play on weekends. I don’t care what your excuse is. I really don’t. You earn your ability to get on a weekend team n you earn your second half game time. Nobody is special here, nobody.