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October Parent News Letter

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                          10/15/16 Well it is almost Halloween and I want to pass on some quick info you will need as we head into school ball and holidays. We will be doing a Thanksgiving camp as well as a Christmas / New Year’s Camp. For all CURRENT Titan players the cost is 75.00 if you bring a friend. Camp is for 3 -7 grade boys and girls. While we are on the holidays, we will also have a Thanksgiving and Christmas basketball tournament. Thanksgiving will be the Sat/Sun following the Thanksgiving Day. Tourney will be 7/8 grade boys and girls. With that said I am also trying to add 5 and 6 grade boys and girls. That will depend on who we can get. At worst the younger grades will play games and not be in tournament. Either way if your home and can play, your in. One thing, as we make teams up I don’t want a call Friday night telling me Aunt Betty Rue Milwaukee came in or your going to see her and you can’t play. I don’t care about Aunt Betty Rue. So if your in, be in. All I ask. We will start our 5 man team training this week, actually did some last Wednesday. We will still do our normal training but the drills will start to focus on actually game footwork and scoring opportunities. Making training is important as everyone must know every position in order to pay games on weekends and over holidays. Missing puts your child at a disadvantage. With that being said we are starting back Thursday Training at 6:00 and 7:00.  6:00 is still young and beginners, all are welcome. 7:00 will be older payers not     For those under 5 grade. As High School and Junior High teams get started we will have a mixture of trainers as many of our trainers also coach those teams. I will always be there as, I do not coach any teams. We will start doing Saturday as 5 on 5 games and then add outside teams to play as we develop. Some squads will travel to New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We realize as your rec. teams starts you may not be able to play with us. Play as you can.   WE HAVE STARTED PAY PAL AS THE OTHER OPTION TO MONTHLY PAYMENTS. WE NOW HAVE 2 SYSTEMS: *Monthly Direct Deposits, form in gym foyer mail slot                                                *Pay Pal, there is a fee charge to offset the Pay Pal usage charge. Fairly simple to use. NOW ON WEBSITE Please from this point forward use 1 of the 2 for payments. We will be able to now track who is current and not. It will make things so much easier. We will ask each player to sign in each day. Sign in book will be put next to door. Please start looking for it for November. When fully implemented we will do everything thru Pay pal or direct deposit. No more check boxes. SCORERS ACADEMY:     This will be a new feature to our training for those interested. I will start a new business inside my original business where for 6 weeks I will train 9 players on the “ART OF SCORING THE BALL”. I have now done 2 successful sessions with interested players. This is not learning how to shoot but rather how to score the ball. I will put a page on the website with more details and video’s. I will also have some parent’s testimonials. I have debated doing this for years. I trained 5 girls to record setting success. Training boys the way I did the girls, I had to make some self-concessions while at the same time holding the boys to the same expectations I did the girls. The session is as much classroom and homework as anything. Each player is expected to do the assignments each week to keep up with the agenda set forth. Best for grades 7th-9th. Will take highly mature 6 graders. Next session starting November.   Lastly as you go to your childs rec. games please share with you childs team parents, our business. You and your child are our best advertisement. If your team needs a place to practice we are always available. I want to personally thank Wayne Pontiff and Patrick Leonard for their great help in getting friends of the kids to our program. Trust me in the long run you want your childs friends to be a good as your child. Nothing worst than being in Junior High or High School with Soccer or Football etc players on your team. Trust me it happens all the time and I mean no ill towards those players but it is best to have basketball players on your team. lol   New Parents friend us on FB . Northshoresportsplex. This gets you instant information on changes.   Thanks, Charles