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Northshore Sportsplex Fall Basketball League

Before you read below, let me first tell you the following:

If you want to do Biddy All Stars then the Recreation Dept is your best bet. If your child is not All Star material or will be the number 5 best player to the 12th best player on the All Star team you need to join our league. Reason being, is we will develop your child, install self confidence, properly teach n train your child to be much better for future teams.

WE BUILD BASKETBALL PLAYERS Our league will be what Recreation Department Leagues Should Be. More Practices than games, Professional Teaching n Coaching, Challenging to the players skill level n IQ. Lastly, no loaded daddy coached teams vs. Poor teams with no players. This league will prepare your child for Junior High and High School Teams.

We welcome you to join our youth competitive basketball League and developmental league. This league will consist of four age divisions 7/8 year olds, 9/10 year olds,11/12 year olds and 13/14 year olds. We will hold evaluations to rate each player. Players will then be placed on a team based upon their skill level and a draft process. We will have some of the areas top youth rec league coaches, AAU league coaches and high school coaches leading your sons on the court. The goal of our league is to provide an environment for the areas top competitive players to come and play with kids in the same skill level, while also providing a league for players that need more development. It is our thought that the players will develop at a faster rate in this environment. We will be very honest and up front at evaluations as to what league we feel your child should be a part of.

1. Registration fee $100 - League includes one team practice per week, one Developmental Training with Charles Tracey staff on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and an Average of two games per week.

2. Season Begins game play on Friday November 10th and runs through January 27th.

3. Evaluations will be held on Saturday November 4th and Sunday November 5th.

4. Registration now by picking up form in gym or Monday October 23 on our website at Northshoresportsplex.com

5. Registration goes thru Friday November 3rd

6. For those who have registered at Coquille n Pelican Park you can get a refund if you want to drop out those leagues. Just need to do so prior to team selection. After team selection there is a penalty.

Ask question on our FB post n we will answer ASAP or text me 985-773-4185

Thanks n share with friends.

You may download the registration form for the Fall Basketball League here: