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MARCH Parent letter

Hello and welcome to our 13 yr. of AAU / YBOA basketball training. We are about 1 full month into this and I want to go over several things for everyone. If you have any questions about any of this just text me during the day and I will fully explain why we do the things we do. We are different than others and this causes confusion, so feel free to ask away. Why it is so important to attend your assisgned days at all cost? We build your child thru development of skills, so when they miss they are missing a link in the chain of development. One miss is no biggee but continual misses just doesn’t allow for development of a player. It takes on average 6-8 good months for me to see a difference in your child for my satisfaction. You and your child will hear me say “my satisfaction n my commitment” What I am saying is MY PERSONAL STANDARD. I know what your child is capable of and every player is different, so what I ask of one will not be what I ask of another. Rest assured the end is all the same for every player, some just take different paths getting there. That end is a humble, tough, self confident, aggressive, respectful basketball player who wont back down to any game situation, who realizes success is expected but failure is possible and OK only if they gave every once of blood and sweat needed for success. With success we are greatfull to our opponent n thankful to our coaches and teammates. With failure we realize and recognize what went wrong, we properly accept it and then get back in the gym to train harder. That is it, for basketball and LIFE. I take so personal the above paragraph you will not fully grasp, what I teach is basketball but I realize I have a greater responsibility to help our players learn life lessons. I treasure and respect each of you for allowing me and my trainers this opportunity. MY ways are not for everyone and I get that and at the same time I know what life takes and just as important I know what high school and college coaches demand. So when you go thru my program and hit High School and College teams your child will have already been through the toughest part. What many parents don’t understand is that kids want to learn and achieve and know good from bad. They understand our intentions because we tell them, I have no secrets. I know what it takes and we will instill it in them. They will act and play differently, they will know it and this gives them a bit of accomplishment knowing what they are going thru. This is a development program not a dad coaching his kid needing other players to rebound and pass a ball to his kid. Every player is the same. There are no favorites except for those that train hard, don’t complain, ball out and don’t get hurt everyday with nonsense. This is a process, we build basketball players. Ok March n half April we will concentrate of offense, skills like proper pivot foot which one day will put me in the grave. No one and I mean no one must teach this and not knowing proper footwork makes the game nearly impossible.  Other skills are passing, dribbling, receiving the ball, ball fakes, drop steps, jumpstopping etc. In addition we are working on our offensive half court sets which will be one of the most valuable thing we teach them. The ability for our players to get into a set and properly pass and move while executing skills needed to score is a lost art form today. I would say less than 5% of high school teams do this and would also say that those who do this properly are regularly district and state champs. In today’s  basketball world coaches run motion which is basically 5 players running around trying to think what the other 4 player on his or her team is thinking. YA good luck with that, n don’t blame the HS coach cause he doesn’t have enough time to teach what should have been taught to the players in 4/5/6/7 grade. You will see us really harp on this in training and in games. Inbound plays are the same, players know them in training and when they get to games, they sometimes just forget them. Not acceptable and we will tell them this. BEING ABLE TO EXECUTE AND PROCESS THE SITUATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING A PLAYER CAN DO, THE PROPER PRESSURE WE PUT ON THEM IN TRAINING AND IN GAMES, TO DO THIS IS WHAT SEPERATES YOUR CHILD FROM OTHERS. Other Half April, May and June we will concentrate on DEFENSE. As you will notice as we go to games, we have sorta a reputation for being fairly physical. A official told me once at a game, really during the game, that my players hooked, grabbed, pushed, blocked out to aggressively and arm barred on defense. I told him I know, we TEACH THAT. Thais aint volleyball. He laughed and rolled on. Seriously we teach aggression and aggressive techniques, which is why I am so loved by so many  outside my people. We play a sport that has the most athletic players, which for the most part are in your face the whole contest and understand intimidation of your opponent makes the game easier. We teach MAN TO MAN, HARD PICK N ROLL, AGGRESSIVE BLOCKOUTS, ETC, ETC. We want to be in someone’s  face all the time. My task at hand is to make sure your child is better than your neighbor so when tryouts come, your child is the best AND TOUGHEST player not your neighbor. But that is not what I want, I want your child to be the best in the state not St. Tammany Or Tangipahoa, etc. Truth is if your good in golf or tennis or soccer or swimming or baseball in St. Tammany your good statewide. BASKETBALL your not, unless your one of ours. My job is to make sure your child’ game travels and I will prepare them for that task like no other. In doing this we teach and train like the best players your child will meet. That person does not look like or act like or have the same issues as your neighbor. In fact I want to use your neighbor to make your child better and if we have to push, shove, knock down your neighbor, we will. Trust me your junior high and high school coach will appreciate it, you neighbor not so much. I am fine with that. Life is tough even tougher if your meek and soft. Another note for our newer parents and older ones as well. This is my business, my sole support of income for my family. In fact I am the only one in the state doling this at this level. There is a good reason. No one else has my personal commitment to doing it the correct way. So in saying this I need you to understand that if you train with us you need to play with us for AAU/ YBOA season in Spring and Fall. Playing recreation ball and all stars and school ball is fine, just can’t be trained by us and play with another organization. We put time into your child, resources to develop them. I use older and younger players to train your child and in return I need to use your child to do the same for others. That is how this business works, your child gets better because of others and your child makes other better as well. Give and take is all I ask, So when we train you to get better and you do then leave to play for someone else, I take that very personal, very very, very personal. So if you think you want to play with others as well that is no problem just let me know up front. Playing each week, some will, some won’t, really depends on the League Play for that week. We try to get everyone in but are restricted based on what is available. You will play 2-3 times a month for sure. We play some players up and down in age and grade based on what those players need for development. Don’t feel slighted if your child is not picked for this as we continually ask players as  their skills and development need attention. With this being said understand a player that has been with us for 2-3 years is actually far better than they play in games. What you have to understand your child is hindered by the their body development. Players development at different times and is the reason for differences in skill and game play. I have many 6th and 7th graders that are waiting for body development. Once it occurs their skill and game play will increase 10 fold. In training with us, we put into your child’s body high school type skill while there are just in 6/7 or 8 grade. Their body is the problem as it develops their game does as well. Trust me on this, seen it for 20 years. I have 5 graders been with me for 3 years with high school skill just in a 5 grade body. We got time. As we get deeper into March, we will be having many more games. If you know you can not play on Saturday, text and remind me of this as early as possible. I will have a board in the gym to put your child’s name on for this. With that being said, when your child is put on a team and you see it on the web or FB, your child needs to be at that game. 2 reasons, I select teams each week based on their training and development needs. If you don’t show up several things happen, none of them good. We are short of players because we usually on carry 8 on a team for league play, your child was on the team for a purpose, now that you have not come to game the team is now down a guard or forward or very experienced player. That put the others on the team at a disadvantage.  Lastly we have to pay tourney or game fees And you have just shorted the total. So please check FB and web, if you have questions text me ASAP. Sponsorships, we now have two up on the wall. If you are interested please contact Jamie Dimitrious at 985-237-8886. she will be happy to help you. With that being said if you are going out to eat and want something a little nice that chain food, Pardo’s Restaurant on Hwy 21 is excellent. Food and atmosphere is superior and is a proud sponsor of our facility. If your looking for a real estate agent please consider Jamie Dimitrious, her boy is a Titan and would be happy to help you. My goal with our sponsors is to make it so profitable that they want to stay each year and we build up a great group of resources that appreciate the sponsors financial assistance to the gym. Those monies go directly to the hardship months of October, November, December, January when all of our players are doing recreation, allstars, school and high school ball. Rent is do regardless and has been a burden for years now. Our sponsors aid directly in me covering those costs. So please use Jamie and Pardo’s and tell them thanks for their help. Lastly Crawfish Boil on April 22 at 4:30 till. Adults 20.00, kids under 13-12.00, under 6 free. Just a get together, we will have junior high and high school coaches there to meet. Always a good time. Beer and soft drinks as well. Looking for 5 parents to assist in gathering prizes for silent auction. Please call TJ at 504-415-5096 on this. We will start selling tickets next week. Please buy in advance so we can get a good count in order to buy enough crawfish. If your able to donate prizes for auction please contact Tj as well. Great way to see and talk with out a ball involved. This is the last thing, I think. Personal lessons. Kenny, Elichia, Max, Ryan all do personal lessons if you feel you want something specific just get with them after a training class and start something. I am in my 4th  session of my Scoring Academy, where I train players to shoot properly and game score the ball. Different than shooting lessons. I take 9 each session and train on Sunday at 3:30. we start with 9 we don’t end with 9, players are required to work drills at home. If I don’t see progress I ask them to step out of program. Not for maybe people. I will change their shot for the better. It only matters if you score in the games not a home in the backyard. I will be starting my next session in May so if your interested let me know. Information on program is on website. This is last thing, summer camps, if you have not signed up your child 9th grade and under for one of the summer camps please do so. Forms are in lobby on wall with all the camps listed. And yes you can do more than 1. This is associated with our AAU / YBOA training program. If you have any questions please text me so we can clarify for you. Sincerely, Charles