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March 15th & 16th Game Schedule

Hi Everyone Here is the game schedule for this weekend:

Friday, March 15th

This week will have games on Friday night as follows:
  • 6pm: Purple vs. Hammond
  • 8 pm: Grey vs. Hammond
  • 8 pm: Purple vs. Grey

Saturday, March 16th

Court 1 Court 2
10:00 Maroon Crimson
11:00 Titanium Red
12:00 Ruby NA
1:00 Teal Orange
2:00 Bronze Tan
3:00 Green Pink and Yellow
4:00 White and Chrome
be at the gym 25 min prior to game
wear mesh practice gear or bring a blue and white tee shirt
all team members bring $5.00 for ref fee's
Additional Players needed are:
Keifer N.,Lloyd G., Matt C. for Titanium Team
Lydia and Charlotte for Teal Team
Isiah and Jacob A. for Green Team
Not all teams are playing check your schedule
if you can't make it email me asap. Thanks