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Letter from Coach Charles March 23

Welcome everyone to another season of AAU and YBOA Basketball. For those of you that are new I will put out once every two weeks or so a newsletter updating, informing, educating on the crazy on goings of what we are doing or at times trying to do. WE do it a little different because what we are trying to truly accomplish is many times different form others and what many of you are use to. First off remember our GOAL here is to make sure your son or daughter gets the best training possible that will result in a successful jr. high and or high school career. If any of our players go PRO we want 15%. LOL ok 12%. Going pro has more to do with mom and dad and maturity than anything we can do. This is how we look at it and go about doing what we do. TRAINING is the most important thing we do, GAMES are secondary. Winning and Losing games is Third on our list, we don’t like losing but we build our teams for maximum player learning and development. In short our teams are not stacked, we put 2-3 good players on, add 2-3 developing players and 1-2 younger or new to program players. From here the good players learn to become better leaders, the middle level player learn what it takes to be the better players on a team and the newer player get pushed to get better or get left behind. System works, now we do get the people who want to win all the time. Some stay, some leave, 95% come back. We take some back, some are asked not to come back. Many times best part of my job….. Stay focused with me here because this is why we are different. WE USE AAU AND YBOA AND ANYONE ELSE WE CAN, IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR CHILD BETTER. Our training style, our demands and rationale may seem off but at the end of the day you child is not competing with the players in Baton Rouge or New Orleans or Slidell in order to make a team, they are competing with your next door neighbor or the kid down the street. The daddy coached kid or the click of kids a daddy drags around for 5 years in order to benefit mostly his son or daughter. With us, we are going to tell you what your good at and bad at. Then we are going to give you all the knowledge, training, game time and feedback you need to improve. Trust me, our very honest opinion. No sense lying to you telling you your good when your not. If you understand you can fix it. I see it all the time, players who were good athletes at young ages believing in 8th/9th grade they are still good because dad or long time coach says so. Surprises them when maturity, puberty and other kids are not scared anymore. We get you ahead of that and prepare you for what you need and coaches want. You may hear this from others in our area. WE are average kids who can’t make the better local teams. Laugh and tell them to call me. We don’t recruit kids, you guys come to us. At one time those parents most likely came to us. For one reason or another it didn’t work. We wish them well and move on. Again we don’t build teams to win a Nat’l Title with 5th graders. If we wanted to do that I would not be doing this in Mandeville.  We are concerned with your child in 8th or 9th or Varsity teams. Playing on stacked teams simply means 1 o2 of the players are head and shoulders better than most players. Problem is not with the 2 good ones, problem comes in because the rest of the team thinks they are that good, when they aren’t. Get rid of the 2 studs and now that team is average. Can’t drag Lebron James around all your life. We work to make everybody the best player on team, not a role player.   The old saying there is always someone bigger, richer, faster, tougher etc. I see so many players playing on elite so called teams and when they get to high school the stud is gone and they are average. Blaming the coach and other players when in reality you were on a “stacked team” with 2 players and never that good. Reality Sucks. We try to get REALITY in around 5 grade and work our butts off from there. We are not a sport training facility that is looking to give your child an award for showing up. If you can play here, you can play anywhere. Lastly I will tell you that the first couple weeks it will look ugly. It always does and then it gets better, much better. Being that we interchange so many players in and out of teams the chemistry takes a little time. WE are striving for your child to be able to play anywhere, anyplace with anyone. Then they will be a basketball player. Facility News: Crawfish Blowout Saturday April 13, 5-11:00 pm. Bring yourself and a friend or two, will be a great time. Like for this to be more of a community than a 1-3 day a week see each other for 5 min. operation. If you can donate an auction item we would be greatly appreciative. We have tons of business owners and would love to auction one of your items. You can contact us about advertising behind it. Thanks, Check website and facebook for game and practice updates at all times. Makes life easier. WE need your child to make practices, your teammates are counting on you. That is why rec. ball stinks, nobody comes to practice and only wants to play games. Doesn’t work well that way. LIL Ballers Developmental Program: Brand New for ages K -3rd grade. Training and League Games. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s. We will have a Director Christine Hursey who will oversee this program. Practice times and games will be consistent. More information will be uploaded to website next week. Spring Break Camp:  Will be having one this year in association with Lakeshore High School. 20.00 discount for Titan players and 40.00 discount if you bring a friend. Yearly Membership: With the increasing number of people using the gym we will be changing suite 500 lock. If you want to use facility for your personal use, we would love to have you do it. We will access you an additional 35.00 a month. Not for your friends for you. Team Parent: Within the next week we will be looking for a team parent for each team. Nothing to hard just one contact person for a group of 8-10 players. Ability to put out email to specific team when needed. Game Money: Remember now that we are playing basically each week we need for every player to bring their game money. Will be given to team parent or coach at game. If you miss game you are still responsible on Monday practice to pay. Your teammates depend on you. Weekend Games: Times will be posted as quickly as well feel they are solid. Way to often they change times and teams thus causing us to wait to post times. Check website or get on facebook for easier access.