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Letter from Coach Charles June 2 2014

Dear Parents, As we enter June I want to thank each of you for your confidence and belief in what we do and how we do it. This Season has been a very rewarding one from many different aspects, number of players participating, old players coming back and really buy into what we do and  our results. Acknowledgement of  what we  represent and produce standing up against  those  who do not and have not believed in us. We have been here for almost 10 yrs. now and will be for another 25 plus, were not going anywhere and in fact will only be getting bigger in more ways than one.

New Coaches & Programs

We have secured the help and assistance of all the boys high school  head coaches in our area except Hannan High and NLC. These coaches will  participate in our training program as coaches, trainers and advisors. They will conduct camps and clinics  when possible. Most importantly will give us and your children the best possible direction available. We have secured the services of James Duplessis formerly with Athletic Republic Sports Trainers.  James has been a trainer for several years and comes highly recommended. He is also the Track Coach at Christ Episcopal and helps  Speed and Condition Training for  Covington Football. James will start this week and we be strictly focused on BASKETBALL Specific Speed, Agility and Conditioning. We will add 1 more trainer shortly as we build the very best BASKETBALL SPECIFIC SPEED & AGILITY TEAM in our area. We will meet your every need and time for training. On our basketball side we have added to 2 individuals with college coaching experience. We are doing this for two reasons. First to help make sure what we are training  and teaching is relevant and it is in fact what college coaching are looking for in their new recruits. Secondly they will help guide us in the procedures and protocol  for our players to get recruited. There are a million steps and needs for players to get looked at, noticed & contacted. On top there are another million do and don’t as far as NCAA rules and violations. We have added Mark Beeson former Asst. Coach at Nicholls University as an advisor to our facility. Mark has coached former high school girls  and boys in our are prior to his coaching at Nicholls. We will announce our second individual shortly.

Elite Basketball Camp:

  • July:    21-25
  • Grades:  9th, 10th , 11th
  • Time:   9:00am-1:00pm
  • Limited to 14 players
  • Cost: $175.00
This will be a camp for serious high school players. Casey Apetrei   Asst. Coach @LSU Alexandria University will be conducting camp.  College tone and expectations. Also guide and help in recruiting obstacles.  As of posting we have 6 players already signed up.

Basketball News

Now for Basketball-  we will be Playing this Saturday 7th  in a couple different locations. June 14th will be at home playing 3 on 3 at our gym. June 21st  will be back doing AAU / YBOA. From that point on we will be doing 3 on 3 for remainder of summer. We will however rotate back and forth occasionally when a good opportunity presents itself to play AAU / YBOA. We will know in advance. Thank you to several of you who have BROUGHT A FRIEND TO PLAY  with us. They are receiving the 20.00 a month discount. This is the most significant thing anyone can do to help us. Again thanks.

Additional Awards:

  • Samantha Troncoso - Defensive MVP Fontainebleau Junior High
  • Karston Miller - County MVP & All County in Atlanta Ga.
  • Patrick Bosetta - Defensive MVP Hannan High School


Saturday June 21, we will have or 3rd Casino Night. It has always been a great night for our parents and their guests.  This time we will go  from 7:00 to 12:00.  You asked for more casino time so we got it. As always  adult beverages and outstanding food the entire night and at the end bid on great prizes.  50.00 a Ticket, gets you 500.00 in chips, free food and drinks  as well as opportunity to bid on prizes at end of evening.