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Letter from Coach Charles June 17 2013

As we start the 3 on 3 portion of our training I want to point out what we as coaches are looking for in this type of training. When I talk to people and they ask me what should they do for their child to help them become better basketball players, I always tell them- do our 3 on 3 summer program. This is the best, most effective way for players to become better and for us as coaches and trainers to see the player’s real skill and mental processing ability to the game. In today’s world where kids no longer play sports outside with friends for the majority of the day during the summer or any other time of the year. BB as a sport is becoming increasingly watered down in respect to creative players. Don’t get me wrong there are just as many talented players now as there were years ago but the number of average players to good players has decreased significantly. Maybe other sports like soccer, baseball etc are on the rise but none the less the gap between very talented and avg. is huge. 3 on 3 the way we teach it is the greatest asset a player who is looking to identify holes in their game and develop can get involved in. Players these days start basketball learning the game 5 on 5 by rec. coaches who may or may not know the game. The players never truly understand what they are doing or why they are doing it because they never play 1 on 1, 2 on 2, or 3 on 3 with their neighborhood friends. It is as simple as seeing a player in the gym and being able to identify them as the first or second or third born. I’m a perfect example; nobody in my neighborhood my age or a year or two older was really better than me. I grew up somewhat soft and unchalleged, my younger brother got beat on a daily basis playing ball against me. In high school he was a much better player than I was because of his experiences with me and my friends. This experience along with having to be creative, be responsible and exposed on a team with only a couple teammates is what we are trying to duplicate in 3 on 3. We will try to show your child just how good they are, can they guard, can they dribble and pass, can they pick and roll, can they step up against bigger tougher players, can they handle being isolated and getting beat for the gym to see. These and more are what we are trying to identify and fix with your child. Each child has a different issue and through these games we will try to help your child become better as a basketball player and a competitor. This past Saturday in our Mandeville gym one of our really good 3rd graders was rolling until he played some of our top 4th graders. He was happy to play up because he thought he was a better athlete, which he was but they were not running up and down the court so his athleticism was nullified. 3 pts. into the first game he was looking to sub out. Not a chance so he played two games against them and realized he still had a way to go against players he thought he was better than. Both parties win in this, one gains confidence in what they are learning will combat better athletes while the better athlete realizes he has a way to go. This is what we are looking for:
  • Players’ ability to pass and react right away.
  • Either go pick for the man with the ball,
  • Go pick other player without the ball or just cut to goal.
How does the defensive players react to the pass?
  • Do they guard ball properly,
  • Play help position in lane correctly,
  • Or stop the cutter going through the lane
How do they pick for the ball or off side player?
  • How do they blockout?
  • How do they respond to being on a weak team?
  • Plus a million other things we look for during the training session and games.
We get asked all the time why didn't you guys do this or that in the game. Lots of times or all the time the answer is: we could have but we are teaching and training. In doing this we have to set up issues and or problems so our players can be exposed to it. Sounds crazy but that is just how focused we are on our training and methods. Occasionally I cave and give in and put together teams to compete to win at all costs. Hardly ever turns out positive for me but the kids like it. So now as you watch these 3 on 3 contests, look and see how your child reacts to the changes on the court and how they respond to positive or negative events during the game. We are and you will find that in mid July they will be tougher, more aware that they are exposed to results good and bad and have a more focused attitude towards competing and succeeding. Failure will start to have some consequences and leaders or the beginning of leaders will start to form. Check on line for some testimonials that we are posting from players that really started at ground zero and have made strides we could not have imagined in life and basketball.