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Letter from Coach Charles July 1 2014

As we enter July I want to discuss the 3 on 3 program and what we as training coaches  are looking to out of it. First off TOUGHNESS: We want our players to have a toughness about their play: mentally, physically, competitively. Mentally- By being the leader of a good, average or below talented squad, forcing the player to player harder, think more, lead more. Physically- We don’t call all fouls, you have to score the ball to make points. We will reign them in more in the next few weeks and put the consistent foulers out of game for a stretch till they get the idea. Later in the players careers, they will be non responsive to tough games. It won’t bother them, they will just play and focus on the game not the circumstances they are playing in. Rarely do you see our players acting like babies on jr. high or high school courts. Actually you never do, we are usually causing the  situation others are responding too. We are creating a mindset. Competitively-Never quit, find a way, show the trainers what you are made of. Understanding we don’t want to fail but when we do, how are you going to respond at the next practice or game. That is what and who you are. They need to be challenged, tested and reminded. Another aspect we want to look over is their skill and fundamentals. This is tricky for many reasons  and parents have a hard time with this. At times we let the players show off with their dribbling, passing and shooting to see where they are and how they do it. But sometimes we jump their butt. Fine line that is not always in proper perspective. We train them and encourage the players to use their new found talents so at times we let them play. We can’t jump them all the time otherwise they won’t use it when they need it. Sometimes we are correct and sometimes we are wrong. A lot of the time the determining factor on how we as trainers react is what we tell the player before, during the game or training. What you can expect from 3 on 3: First few weeks will be a little sluggish as the players try to remember all the options they can do. As we get into season they will become more responsive to situations and act properly. In 3 on 3 it is pretty simple for offense. You can: Pass and Cut /  Pass and Pick Away /  Pass and Pick Ball /  Up Screen or Down Screen / off of all of these they need to roll /  slip the pick  /  pop out. Lots of options and it all depends on the defense and what they are doing. This is creating creativity in their games and building confidence in themselves. This is very difficult and not easy, no one teaches this or does this. Honestly this should be what playgrounds do instead of 5 on 5. As players get older they would be 10x’s better in jr. high and high school. For Defense we are teaching man to man concepts that will help them later on. The defense drills we will be starting this week will help the players get tougher and understand their responsibilities. What they learn on defense will be really the only way to compete an play in the 3 on 3 season.


No 3 on 3 this Saturday after the 4th of July. We will get back after it on Monday and rest of week. T- Shirts: We have in office 3 on 3 shirts for sale. They cost me 6.75 and we are selling them for 8.00. Please cash only if possible. Thursday BB League for incoming 8th  graders and 9th graders. We will use of players to play against Hannan, MHS, FHS, LHS, plus a few other teams. Games will be on Thursday’s, we will use our 7th,8th,9th graders to play. If you don’t come to training you can’t play for us. Speed/ Agility  - Strength / Conditioning Trainer from Athletic Republic  James Duplessis  started this past Tuesday.  He will go Tuesday/ Thursday 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. Best to text him, 985-705-7680. Will add additional days as business warrants. Summer Day Camp Doing it every week for 150.00. Kids are having a great time. Call Dona at 504-957-9066 Bring a friend and get 20.00 off each month for the first 3 month friend attends. YOU ARE OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT, GET AND BRING A FRIEND. Shooting Classes on Friday with Coach Justin 504-905-0845