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Letter from Coach Charles February 1st 2016

Dear Parents, We are almost thru January and school and recreation ball for the most part, some thrilled some not. I always encourage you to participate in these if you can tolerate it. Simple reason, it should be a real confidence boost to your child. Let’s them see the progress they have made versus players they know. On occasions it is not such a great experience for various reason but as I state all the time, it is a journey and that coach or player or school will pass. I want to update you on a couple things and recognize one of our outstanding players and her accomplishments. First off over the weekend of the 15th I had the opportunity to accompany one of our players to a Select Camp run by John Lucas in Chicago and participate in the camp as a trainer. Several reasons for going and all my expectations and thoughts about what I thought the camp would be were basically met. I am not a fan of player camps for the main reason they are just there for money making and bullshitting players and parents. Very little proper instruction and guidance goes on and the range of player skills is from A to Z. This camp was better but as John Lucas said, he is putting it on to find the next kid who can sell 100 million of sports gear for Nike and give some nuggets of information to success along the way. I was there to see what other trainers are teaching, how they are teaching it and how other players react to it. Also wanted to hear from Lucas and other trainers what trends are occurring and how to react to those as well. Lastly wanted to see how Caleb Burst looked versus players from all over America. When they camp ended I was fully satisfied on what we do and how we do it. In fact Lucas stole some of my parent player lines and ideas and I will steal a few of his. He is old school thru and thru and runs it that way. It was an intense camp from the standpoint that there was no down time, only a couple water breaks and you were moving the whole day doing drill after drill after drill. We will use several of the drills learned to enhance our training but the biggest thing I learned was that we are on top of what we teach, what we expect and how we do it. The biggest difference in our kids and those participating in the Chicago camp is the simple fact basketball is life to them. With that said some of the kids regardless of how good they were will never make it to be even descent in HS. Reason: no focus, soft feelings, no skill, no drive, same as our kids. Question is why were they there? PHENOMENAL ATHLETICALLY nothing more. Lucas said it to everyone there, some of you have 2-4 more inches left to grow, some another foot. Your gene pool will determine as much as your success as anything else. We build in the skill, IQ, form, technique etc. just in case height is not a helper. Caleb on a skill, IQ ranking, was in my eyes top 5%, athletically was bottom 5%, heart and competiveness was top 5%. In my book athletically he will get much better but he will always be good because of the other factors that he has. Next subject, I have had several dads calling me wanting to play school teams, friends teams etc. I have guys that call me as well. We did play locals over the holidays because we needed the work and it benefitted us with so many on vacation. Now that vacation is over and we have our players back I don’t plan on playing anyone around our area anymore. Again simple, you pay me to make your child better than your neighbor, to give him or her an advantage. I am not looking to play others in our area to benefit those kids. They fact they can’t get gyms, play better teams etc is in our benefit. I am not in the business to help other players compete and succeed against my kids, bottom line. I will use others when it is in my benefit, not the other way around. That I take very seriously. Playing outside our area we will do anytime we can, just not within. We get more from in house control scrimmages than playing friends and schools. FYI, I got in trouble lately for saying YES to things I can’t recall talking about. I am referring to asking me game times, this or that, vacation schedule etc while I am on the court. Honestly I will answer your question and within a second forgotten what we discussed. I am focused on the training at hand. I love a story or joke or saying hello but do not take anything I say or agree to seriously. Text me your question later that night or in morning. Those answers I can say are more realistic and thought out, for what those are worth. Lol. AAU YBOA information will be coming out next week and we will be gearing up now. If you need new uniforms please see and talk to Kenny prior to the rush in February. Our training will change slightly and I think it will benefit us all. That information coming as well. Lastly I want to congratulate Elise Reilly a senior at MHS. She is one our original players from when I started out solo in our first gym. Elise is a lot like my daughter Hannah in that she was my Gini pig for what we are today. I used both to determine our best practices and worst practices. Hannah never played for me and never trained in our groups, Elise did both and over time trusted my decisions for her best interest even when others told her and her parents I was the Anti-Christ for her success. What I realized and knew all along is that everyone has a station that they can achieve to and be the best they can be. Reaching past that station will take an act of God n harder work. Not saying it can’t happen just saying don’t be disappointed in where you land and succeed. Cause the goal may have been more of a dream than reality. Elise from 4 grade to senior year has become everything I could hope for her. She was a titan for years learning then became a hurricane because that was the best thing for her, so her mother thought. I gave in and awaited her return, she played with them, was used by them and returned. By this time she was in high school and honestly has the same skills then as she has now. She put in her time from 4-8 grade learning, sweating, bleeding, breakin bones, winning, losing, fighting, crying, and freezing to be the player she is today. Yes she got better because she got smarter and faster and bigger. That happens to everyone and we count on it, what she needed from my organization was the training, guidance, love, discipline and ear to listen and help. From her freshman year to her senior year she never played AAU or YBOA and everyone and every team wanted her. I told her remember the hurricanes, just train and she did. Now without playing an AAU game or having anyone shout her name to college coaches she went and saw 5 schools she wanted to attend. We set up visits and workout with the schools team so the coach could see her against their team. You see coaches are mostly delusional, they believe they are coaching Kentucky and Connecticut type talent when in actuality their players are barely above average, not that smart or that tough and actually just look good in a uniform . What I suggest is go play their teams and let the coach see face to face how good you are versus their All Americans. Reality and mirrors are dream killers when your surrounded by “yes” people. She did as instructed and was offered full rides at every visit each time on the spot. Her team mate Sarah Jane Ladut is really just as good a story. Both trained and played together, along with 2 outstanding players at Mount Carmel. They were trained to be leaders, not to like each other and be somewhat jealous of the others success. In order to be good you have to have a reason to get better and I played each one against the other, 2 have full college rides, Sarah Jane could if she wanted and as well as one of the two of my girls at Mount Carmel. Sarah Jane dropped out of our group as a freshman and has never played or trained with us since. But like Elise her time was put in early and that training has her as one of the best Centers in the state. You are paying for our training, our track record, knowledge and ability to help you and your family when it is needed. I take that and my group takes that so serious. We never want to fail you or your child. Elise is not what every player can or will be but she is the target. I tell her with great talent comes greater responsibility meaning she has to be so much more than the others and she has to embrace it. She has, MHS is 21-0 and really not all that talented as a group. She knows it but what she also knows is how to win because of what she went thru with us. We give you that same opportunity and hopefully we are training 100’s of Elise’s because it is more than just basketball but till then it is a great ride. Next week is our Mardi Gras Camp, Titan players can jump in for $75.00. 9:00-1:00 Monday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday. Eric Wimberly will be setting up Our Speed Agility Strength Conditioning area and will be ready for Mardi Gras week. He will have flier out this week so you can contact him to start. I highly recommend Eric he is in full understanding our players are basketball players and not Football or Powerlifters. He will train for explosion, speed, agility etc. all needed traits TO BECOME BETTER ATHLETES AND BASKEBALL PLAYERS. As you can see we added parking, please do not park on concrete pad as you turn off Hwy 59, the lawyer and electrician are pretty sensitive. AAU training times will come out next week for rest of Feb thru June. Don’t worry who your child is with, they are there for a reason, encourage them to train hard regardless, we are developing. A little Success: St. Pauls: 23-1 MHS Girls: 23-0 MJH Girls: Ponchatoula Tourney, League, Tourney Champs Undefeated Northlake Christian Girls 13-1 WE have others as well but these stand out and on these teams the team is basically all our players or in some cases the best 2-3 on team and carry their teams. Best part is the players we have coming up are just as good and in many cases far superior to those playing now.