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Letter from Coach Charles August 3 2015

Dear Parents, As we move into August we have just a couple of more weeks of 3 on 3 training and games. It has been a good session for the younger groups but a tougher go with it for the older players ( 8,9,10 graders). I will address it later in letter. The overall session for the younger groups has been good as I expressed. We have a fantastic groups of 3,4,5,6,7 graders. This is our deepest most talented group we have ever had. The talent makes the training and development better for all. No longer are the best players not training with us, a few are still out there but overall we have more than we are missing. Thank you to those that are bringing in their friends to join us, I am trying to be on my best behavior. Our fall session starts August 17, registration ends   September 5th. For those of you playing other sports, there will be late registration once your sport ends as we always do. For the others we will transition into our traditional fall AAU 5 on 5 with other groups. Our Fall session goes to December, NEW NEWS: We will be moving to a new facility at the end of the month. We have tried to keep it a secret till we agreed on the terms. It seems to have impressed coach Kenny so I feel pretty confident you will be as well. Some details:
  • HWY 59, about 2 miles north from where we are now, on the left side.
  • 2 courts
  • a 30 x 100 speed and agility area that will be run by a professional speed and agility trainer with international & local professional experience. His business inside our business.
  • A 40 yrd running track, 15ft. high x 75 ft. long sled/running hill outside
  • 2 outside sand volleyball courts
  • ½ acre outside green space
  • boys and girls bathrooms
  • concession stand area
  • proper ac and heating
plus a bunch of other things that will add to the profession look of the facility. In addition we will finally do Biddy Basketball since we now have an Abita address. We will definitely do an 11/12 yr old league and are hoping to do a 9/10 yr old one as well. We will take all who come from whatever area or facility ( Coquille and Pelican Park ) we will play a regular season then form All Star teams that will travel till Early April. Biddy will start Mid October, details to follow. Since we have so many training with us now that are well above the average I want to start another program that will help advance our more dedicated players. It will be called Northshore Basketball Training Academy. It will be for those who train yr round with us and are looking to be placed with our upper level players. Northshore Basketball Training Center will be for those who are beginners in the age group and or those who need a different level of training in order to move up. We are working out details still and will notify when we start. Several other things are in the works as we transition into our new home and will be explained in time. Lastly as we get into August I am looking forward for our 8/9/10 graders to jump back in to the Monday and Wednesday training. We now have so many playing High School and I realize June was a killer with games and camps and July was a little rest time but I need you back to help with our younger players development. As those older players that helped you when you were younger I am expecting you to pay it forward. Sorta why our program is successful. I would hate to think you are now too good for us. Monday is skills and Wednesday we play 5 on 5 games. I look forward for your return.   Thanks, Charles