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Letter from Coach Charles 9-19-14

Hello, just want to drop a reminder of a few things as we start our fall sessions. Girls will be doing our traditional Walker, Baton Rouge team league. At some point we also start to form our West St. Tammany leagues for both boys and girls. The cut of date is Sept 1. Fall league will be 7/8 and 9/10 boys and girls. This year we will also do a 11/12 boys and girls for the winter league. First time doing this. Boys will follow our same format as in years past. Our fall league will be 5th grade to 9th grade. We will play at home and in Baton Rouge. We also are forming different teams with new players. So again be understanding as newer players get accustomed to our style of play as well as the competition. Our 3 / 4 grade boys will train and play in house games preparing for WST League. Some 4 grade players will play with 5 gr occasionally. As newer player progress we will put on teams they can play on. We don’t want to rush for fear of scaring and losing confidence. With all that said I would like to address something that is becoming more of an issue than in the past. Our program success is based on parents and players understanding that as your child gets better we use and them to progress our younger and new players in game skill, confidence, training, real games, friendship, etc.. Both in practice and in games. This is something that is most important to our program. Lately as our players are getting fairly talented they seem to not attend training classes and or games because of conflicts. Remember when your child was not so talented and we used other older players to advance your child, they sacrificed some for the betterment of our program and your child. I expect you and your child to do the same. This is about more than basketball. Our younger / newer players look up to our older better players. If you feel that this is not your childs responsibility, please by all means let me know and I will respect your wishes, but I can promise you the favors I and my group can provide now and in the future will fall on DEAD ears. I can give you numerous numbers of others in and out our program who failed to understand this. The way we do this program is very personal to me and to those trying to get better, we are in this together or you not in at all. No need to call and explain I really don’t care, just make more than your missing. That is how you got better. Reminder Coach Justin is still doing shooting classes on Friday night at 6:00, Talk to him about it. I know we have 2 players who have gotten remarkable better and are a lot more confident in their game. We are looking for additional players for our West St. Tammany leagues for boys and girls 7/8 and 9/10. Lastly I want to thank those of you for the Prayers, Texts, Calls etc over the recent near death of my nephew in Monroe. He was flown to Ochsner where they stabilized his heart. He went home this week. On behalf of my family I thank you.