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Letter from Coach Charles – 8-18-14

Dear Parents, As we put a close to Summer 3 on 3 ball, I want to say thanks for your time, efforts and appreciation of what we do with you children. Training and teaching them ball is a great joy but not nearly the joy we get when you see your children raising to a different level when playing friends in rec. or just their everyday understanding of how much they have improved. These are things they have earned through hard work, dedication and desire to be better. Our Motto was to COMPETE and they have done that. We told you in the beginning it would be ugly and at the end it would be much better. From the looks of the last 2 weeks it has gotten much better and their game will be better for it. Next Saturday will be the last week for 3 on 3. As we move forward into fall I would like to clear a few things up. New Training  Schedule will go into affect next Monday the 25th. I will post later in week, days particular players will need to practice. If there is a conflict then we can adjust. We are attempting to put similar based skill players together to train. We want to see how things works in respect to overall base fundamental building. If your child is not listed than look for your gender and grade as normal and attend. Forming Fall WST League Teams will start next week as well. As players come into program wanting to play we will add them properly. Those teams are 5/6, 7/8, 9/10’s. For the 6th grade thru high school we will do the following: Girls 6th grade thru high our fall travel league with Walker and Baton Rouge. Will conclude with the start of high school teams but will continue for Junior high girls till Christmas. Starting 3rd week in September. For Boys 6th grade we will do travel on Saturday’s with Baton Rouge and 7th grade local junior high tourneys. For 7th ,8th, & 9th we will do travel till their school teams start. For those who do not make their school teams we will form teams and play in local tourneys and train as normal. 10th grade boys will train as normal and play with 9thgr when possible.  Starting late September. When we start new training we need players to show up at their proper times. HOW DO I GET BETTER? I get this question all the time, every year from almost everybody. I give the same answer every time I get asked it.  Here it is in PRINT. Thru Training,  with us or somebody else, very simple. We are not fancy and you are not dunking in 5th grade so you don’t need all the bull crud training. There is no magic pill or coach. This Summer was a perfect example. We had more players take off for vacations, family get togethers, need time off, etc. Listen this is all fine and no problem but as I have said before and all the time. You don’t get better during your school season you get better because you train yourself to death from March -November. Unless your gene gifted, then you better put in more work than your competition. Very simple, if your 6’4 in 8th grade and athletic then take time off, if your not, then train.  Spring, Summer and Fall is for training if you want to be the best, not for  multiple weekly vacations and excuses. Now don’t get me totally wrong, I understand and appreciate vacations, family needs, time off. At the same time don’t ask or tell me why your game is off, or why others are getting better if your away from the gym more than in it.  We do more than enough in training, knowledge and teams and have  all the ability to place you at the next level without traveling the world, paying a fortune or playing with LeBron or Kobe. We are having decent success with you guys bringing friends to join us. I want to say thanks.  The program is only able to move forward providing we have sufficient numbers to form teams and train. Your assisting us in this venture is greatly appreciated.  $20.00 off training  for referring a friend. Lastly I want to say thank you for all the kind words, prayers,  letters, emails, calls and texts to myself and family members over these last couple weeks. My family and I have gone through some tough days and your support has shown me the true value of friendship and love. For that I thank and love you each. Thanks, Charles