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Letter from Coach Charles 7-21-14

As we close on July I think we can all see the progress our players have made in 3 on 3. In June it was ugly  which is always the case and has gotten better each week as we said it would.  The players are understanding it better as well as the concepts. Truly the 3 on 3 is my most favorite to watch and teach and has the most to fundamentals  for our players. With that said we will start focusing  on getting tougher on defense. You will hear “face cutting” “jump ball side” and a few others. All these terms simply means- we don’t not want the offensive players running past our defender to the ball without somebody giving the offensive player a shot. Just want to make sure the other team knows no one is getting a free run to the rim. That simple we want to redirect them around the long way. As your players get older you will come to realize we are sorta famous for no “face cutting” a lot of people don’t like it. So what Jr. High and High School coaches love it.  The 3 on 3 will run thru August. FALL REGISTRATION:  WEST ST. TAMMANY TRAVEL LEAGUE Starts now and runs thru August. All the information is on the web site. Boys and Girls: Beginners – 12th grade. We will be doing leagues in fall for 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 yr olds for WEST ST. TAMMANY TRAVEL LEAGUE. Like Pelican Park or Coquille except we travel within St. Tammany to other local gyms. JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH PRESEASON TRAINING Once again for those planning on trying out for Junior high and 9/10 grade teams we will prep you for those evaluations. We know what the coaches want because the help train at our gym and they tell us what they are looking for. We will play games on Saturdays  at our gym with limited travel to other area’s. Jr.  High and High Schoolers will train and play in house and against other AAU / YBOA squads when available. We know the LHSAA rules on High School eligibility and will adhere to it. For Jr High once their season start we will train and scrimmage on weekends, we know those rules as well. BRING A FRIEND: Remember that if you bring in a new player you get 20.00 off your monthly Tuition. You and your child are our best form of advertising. The Casey Apetrei  BB Camp for 8-10 grade players was cancelled for this week but has been reschedules for the July 28- August 1. Cancellation was due to the fact Casey was required to  attend a High School Showcase in Las Vegas at the last minute for recruiting. Those players playing at Pelican Park Summer League. I have fliers in the  wall plastic  holders at each gym, if you get the chance to grab a few and pass out to team members and friends it would be greatly appreciated.  You are our advertising. So kick some butt. Band New Program we  will be starting Mid August details to follow: Players  Clinic- 15 players from 4-6 grade that will attend on Sunday evening at 6:00-7:15 a prepared bb program organized by 1 of the local Jr High or High school coaches. Each week a different High School or Jr. High coach will train the players. Great way to meet the coaches you will be playing for and for them a chance to see you. Mid August- Mid November. We will pick the players. We are also looking at doing one for girls and boy players from 7-9 grade as well. SPEED AGILITY  CONDITIONING TRAINING: Well if you can’t get anybody,  screw them all and do it yourself, so I am. My last guy bugged out so I am doing it. Doing BB only they way I want scares them Schedule is on web site. Monday / Wednesday @ 6:00  and 7:00. Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00. Classes description is on website as well but will be strictly focused on bb specific needs for proper player body development. Limit 7 players per class. Will add a 5:00 class in Mid August  for all days. OK SOMETHING PERSONAL HERE FOR ALL MOMS AND DADS. WE WANT TO START A 5&6 and 7&8 yr OLD BB LEAGUE. WE WILL TRAIN AND PLAY AT OUR GYM TILL WEST ST. TAMMANY LEAGUE STARTS IN NOVEMBER. NO REASON WHY WE CANT DO THIS AND START PLAYERS OFF ON RIGHT FOOT. PARKS DO NOT DO THESE AGES JUSTICE, WE CAN. WE NEED PLAYERS SO TALK TO MOMS AND DAD WITH LITTLE ONES. 2X’S WK TRAINING AND SATURDAY GAMES. THANKS