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Letter from Coach Charles 6-20-14

Dear Parents, As we start June just want to make sure you are aware of a few things that may be new to some of you. -When we post Saturday schedule for 3 on 3 I do not need to know that you are on vacation or can’t make it. We pool grades together at a specific time and pick teams that day. Each Saturday session will go about 75 min. - Occasionally we will still play in our AAU / YBOA leagues games on Saturday. For those games I do need to know if you can make that game or not. - Players should be wearing their blue mesh to practice so we can easily go blue vs. white as we scrimmage. - Thank you to those who paid their game fee’s for the Live Oak tourney even thou they did not make games. It helped to offset the money hole. - Speed/ Agility  - Strength / Conditioning Trainer from Athletic Republic  James Duplessis started this past Tuesday.  He will go Tuesday/ Thursday 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. Best to text him, 985-705-7680. Will add additional days as business warrants. - CASINO NIGHT Saturday June 21. 7:00-12:00.  Lots of great food, drink, Margarita’s from Don’s Seafood, Fabulous Door Prizes ( saints, boating, outdoors, tailgating, etc, etc, etc.) -Summer Day Camp Doing it every week for 150.00. Kids are having a great time. Call Dona at 504-957-9066 - Bring a friend and get 20.00 off each month for the first 3 month friend attends. YOU ARE OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT, GET AND BRING A FRIEND. -Shooting Classes on Friday with Coach Justin 504-905-0845

Team Changes

As far as TEAMS are concerned, please check each week the names added to the teams. We will subtract and add players to  teams for the final 2 months of play. Reason we are doing this is to improve your child's understanding of accountability and responsibility for the success of the team. We want different players to step up and carry the weight and success of the team.  New for many players. As you have noticed each team has 2 or so pretty good players . We do have 2 teams of new players that we put together so they could grow and understand together. We will be moving the better players off and on so that the next level players have to step up. The better players will be moving up in grade and sometimes down in order to work on needed skill sets. These next months will be our challenging months for all to show what and how much they have learned. We are not getting rid of teams just adding a few players for additional development reasons. Pay attention to the names added. JUNE and 3 on 3 play-   In June we will still be doing team AAU / YBOA but our training will start to focus more toward Picking n Rolling, Down n Up Screens, Pass n Picking Away, Picks and Inside Rolls, etc. These fundamentals  are more driven to individual and toughness learning. As I say all the time if I could sustain this business doing 3 on 3 only I would. It is simply the best thing we do all year and the most important thing things your child will learn. Every coach your child comes in contact with will admire and appreciate what we teach for 3 on 3. We combine  AAU / YBOA into 3 on 3 for June, July and August.  When we aren't not doing June AAU / YBOA we will do 3 on 3 at our gym on Saturday.  Our  8 grade up will do Friday Night’s while 3-7 grade is on Saturday at our gym.  We will use our blue mesh for 3 on 3. Your AAU / YBOA  satisfies  the 3 on 3 program monthly fee. It is all the same amount. 3 on 3 ends at the end of August.. No need to reregister for 3 on 3. We understand about vacations and when your available you can play  and train. NEW COACHES Coming on BOARD: As of this typing we will be bringing on Steve Alphonso former head BB coach at Lakeshore High School, Chris Carter Boys BB coach at Monteleon Junior High, Joe Guyton will be our Speed /Agility/ Strength and Conditioning coach from Miller Mc Coy JR/High School, where he coaches football, basketball and Head Track Coach. Phil Williams  Head BB coach at St.Pauls. Each will be starting shortly as school ends, they will be training various ages on varying nights.  As you see them tell them hello. More info and coaches to follow. BRING A FRIEND-: If you get a friend to start training with us, we will discount you monthly 20.00 for the first 3 months the new player trains with us. You are our best advertising, so please encourage a friend to sign up for the 3 on 3 summer training and leagues.. SHOOTING CLASSES: Coach Justin is still conducting shooting classes on Friday evening, one of the best ways to improve confidence. MONDAY N WEDNESDAY PM LATE OPEN PLAY: At 8:30 PM on Monday and Wednesday’s we will have open play till 11:30. for 8 grade -Seniors. Outside player is 5.00. Only High School  TEAM players can participate, Free to Titan players.