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Letter from Coach Charles 2-27-15

Dear Parents, Over this weekend we will form:
  • teams and
  • your child’s training time
These will be posted on our website and at the gym. For the first week or two, players will  change on teams and times  a little if needed. Teams- will be  what we will travel with to League Play and Tournaments Training Times-will be what day and time your child is to report to gym for training. Once we have established your child’s training times we need them there. I understand at times conflicts occur but you need to try to come another day, the same week in order to keep up with the skills and fundamentals being taught. We plan a systematic course for development of your child into a player. Missing training means you are missing a concept that the following week we will build on. The more you miss the further back your child gets. There is no need to text me why you can’t come, I DON”T CARE, not being ugly but I don’t care. We move forward with or without you. My issue really arises because your misses has an effect on your child’s teammates. Commitment is a big deal here on the Northshore and something we fight all the time. I can’t make your child better if your fishing, hunting, vacationing, brother’s championship game, sister’s recital, going to you uncle’s 3rd wedding, etc. As we select teams we will be looking for some parent help in choosing a team parent. Just so we have one contact person for each team. By now each of you  should have gotten fitted for uniforms for games. The blue mesh uniforms are for training and should be worn to each and every training class. Game uniforms are for games  only. Sometime in the next 10 days I will put out a rough schedule of where we will be playing. This by no means is in concrete.