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Letter from Coach Charles 2-11-15

Dear Parents, As we start our 2015 Spring AAU/YBOA basketball season, I want to take this time to say how excited we are that you will be involved with our program as we start our 10th season as an organization. This year we will have over 240 players participating from as young as 5 yrs. old to High School Juniors. Unlike in years past this year we have soundly gotten all the local High School head basketball on board. They will assist in various capacities from help training, advising to coaches actual games. Mandeville, Lakeshore, Fontainebleau, St.Pauls, SSA, Hannan etc. We will form school teams as well as have combination school teams. In addition, we will have for our High School players a group of college coaches that will help advise those wishing to play beyond high school to college. Harold Boudreaux Head Basketball Coach at Brusly High and former LSU basketball player will help evaluate and advise on a more personal level. This new focus provides our program with eyes to help us train and assist our players past high school for those wishing to do so. We are evolving our basketball training approach as the local high school coaches are demanding better skilled, technique, IQ players for these school teams. These coaches are now participating with us and becoming part of our program on a greater level. To the point we will have specific school based teams this year. (Mand, Font, Hannan, St.Pauls, Lakeshore, SSA) and on and on. In this past we have had 3-4 high school teams this year we will have nearly 12. Starting the new season off will be segmented by when each grade level ends their recreation, junior high and high school seasons. The High school group will be the last to really get started while the younger groups will be ready by end of February. Not everyone will play that soon but we will form teams by then. I will put out Parent Letters periodically through the session. Answering questions, providing insight, guiding your next decision on how and where to proceed. One benefit that our program offers is the ability to call on us as informed coaches and trainers as to what, where, when, how to proceed with your child in the game of basketball. We become counselors and shrinks for the parents. I tell all my parents it never really gets that much better, from daddy recreation coaches to junior high coaches to high school coaches. Each coach has their strength and weakness as will your child. What we do is to prepare you and your child for your personal situation in basketball. What I can guarantee is that no matter where your child goes to play bb he or she will have seen it, done it and experienced whatever the coach is doing. As parents what you need to remember is: WE ARE A DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM. Our focus is to improve every player at every level. How we do that is unlike what anyone is doing. Others may claim to do what we do but THEY DON’T. WE ARE A PROCESS DRIVEN PROGRAM, WHICH MEANS WE DON’T FOCUS ON THE RESULT OF GAMES. If your child stays in our program, progresses, trains and works within our structure he or she will be a much better player in the end than those collecting the best athletes and playing games. What time has proved to me and which I already knew is the athleticism plateau’s in 95% of players in 8/9/10 grade. At that point the slower, smaller, less coordinated, softer, shyer etc. kids catch up. This is when parents of the all-star teams, selected players, studs realize that their athletics is not a skill, technique, form or trait owned by their child. Now they blame the coach for having no clue when in essence their child was never a bb player just a better, meaner, tougher, bigger, faster kid and that their day is over and so is for the most part their child. Why and How we train, group players, form teams is unique to our program and is designed to at the end of the day make your child better than your neighbor. That is my goal with every player who joins us. MAKE YOUR CHILD BETTER AT BB THAN YOUR NEIGHBOR. We take great pride in doing that and have been doing so for years. One thing is you can’t start and stop, go on vacation 3 weeks of the month, go missing cause of various issues, always have a reason why it is not convenient etc. We can’t help your child then. This takes time, patience and commitment on parents and players behalf. We don’t recruit players, everyone comes to us. We live in for the most part a Country Club community. BB is not a country club sport, the very best players in bb lives nowhere near any of you and is certainly not your neighbor. If your child or neighbor is the best at soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, swimming etc. they are most likely pretty good state wide. If your neighbor is the best in or really good in bb his game ends at the Goodbe exit and hwy 1088. We try to get you past those barriers. It will be an exciting year, we will have nearly 30 teams and some chaos. We are here for you and your child. Have questions text me, otherwise sit back, listen, laugh and enjoy. Your child is in great hands and will get more than just bb out of our program. We hope to be a positive influence on them. We hope to make them even stronger individuals through the confidence we instill in team, the teammates they become and the appreciation of all those who participate in making their lives so rewarding. We teach bb but really hope we teach much more than that.