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Letter from Coach Charles 10-14-15

Dear Parents, I want to cover a few more topics as we progress into the fall winter season. While we are training please reframe from holding conversations with our trainers. Feel free to call or text us during the day but we have very limited time during the training classes to teach and anytime talking is less time preparing your child. Not sure about the other trainers but I will agree to anything you talk to me about. Ten minutes later I will not remember anything we talked about. It may not look like it but we have specific things to cover and that is what I am most engaged in doing and anything we talk about will most likely just fall through the cracks. Text me and I will get back to you. Biddy Basketball Program: We have a few changes. For Girls we will do Biddy and it is open to all girls from anywhere in Mand, Cov, Abita, Lacombe. Please talk to us about your daughter and we will advise. We will definitely have 9/10 and most likely 11/12 yr olds. For Boys it is a little more difficult: boys from Covington and Abita, Lacombe are eligible for our Biddy all-stars. Mandeville residents are not, if you want to do all-stars and you live in Mandeville or Madisonville you will need to play at PP or Coquille. You cannot jump from Mandeville/Madisonville to Abita. With that being said and you are not interested in playing on an end of the season all-star team you can play on one of our teams that will travel and play internal at our facility. Talk to us and we will advise. Sorry for the confusion but I can not get biddy to allow us to take players who do not want to play at their original facility. What are our goals: Simple to make your child a leader with self confidence, not a role player. We want your child to be a significant aspect of their teams. That may or not be possible but we are going to try and give it everything we got. We don’t treat each player the same, each player is different and has different expectation while playing. We teach them that they are accountable while they play and need to be focused. Tough skin is necessary for our program and for the rest of their life.