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Letter from Coach Charles 01-10-16

Dear Parents, Hope everyone had a joyous and enjoyable Christmas. I want to address what we are doing presently and will be doing shortly. I will talk about the parking situation that is changing as I type and the 24 hr. gym program that has started as well. As you are all aware school, rec ball has started and we have tons of success stories, some so so experiences and a couple experiences that have parents and players looking to hire hit contacts. Lol this happens more than you would think. With all that being said remember we train your child and develop them, so our process is different than playing on recruited teams. When we play teams we are always at a dis advantage. Regardless of time we have with our players. Teams we play have chemistry and know each other, we rarely have either. Our players rarely train together and even less than that most time don’t know each other. Both are on purpose, we want our players performing and executing much more than what other teams ask of their players. We are developing all around players not just a shooter, dribbler, rebounder etc. Also as you have heard, we use everybody to make our players better. When we play a 5/6 grade team we will throw in 3/4 graders along with 5/6 graders. Each players role is different and they are accountable to perform and execute properly. Younger players better get tough and hold their own while the older players carry the weight of the team success regardless of how the younger players perform. If the younger players need help the older ones better recognize and provide it. If they need leadership and confidence the older ones better provide that as well. Everyone has duties and if they don’t do them well we make sure the players know what we as trainers saw and expect them to correct it. No excuses just fix it, get better and improve. Everyone is accountable. That is the process, nothing fancy, nose down n grind. Our players know what their jobs are and why they are congratulated and why they are pointed out for not so stellar performances. We develop thick skin, tough kids thru shoes, chokes, hair pulls, family insults, hugs, kisses, listening, ball throwing n kicking, yelling, caring. Being responsible for their success because they earned it, knowing achievement means there are obstacles they must overcome. Makes the prize at the end of the road that much sweeter for them as well as the parents. This process has been in effect since our start and now more than ever is showing its worth. For Example:
  • Pauls Varsity is 18-1, 3rd ranked in state, will be District Champs and for the first time ever won this year Prestigious CYO basketball tourney. Harrison and Parker were All Tourney Selection. Team and program is basically all of our players.
  • Mandeville Jr. High Girls are undefeated and will be district champs. Piccone twins and Meghan. Ponchatoula Tourney Champs. The Saints could use these 3.
  • Mandeville High Varsity Girls are 19-0, #1 ranked in State and ranked in top twenty in the Country. The district to be MVP is ours as well as the best Forward / Center in the district. Nice combo.
  • Pauls’ 8 grade team is 8-1 in Catholic League district. The team is just about all ours, except for 2 or 3.
  • Mount Carmel Academy just won the National Prep Sugar Bowl Classic. Teams from all over country participated. Paige and Megan two of ours won All Tournament Honors.
WE ARE TALKING BASKETBALL…………… by the way those kids above lost more than they ever won, trust me. All have one thing in common- US. One thing we hear about more often than we should: that by playing with us, our players don’t learn how to win. I laugh when I hear that. Nothing is further from the truth. We win enough, we learn more about ourselves and what it takes to sustain winning than being on a recruited team of just better players and athletes. That method is easy, WE DEVELOP PLAYERS NOT TEAMS. Long run we do it better. Saturday at Jesuit High I had the pleasure to talk at length with the Jesuit, Holy Cross, De la Salle, Shaw, Curtis coaches about BB in the area and in general. They positively commented on our St. Pauls Varsity and Eight Graders. Everyone said the same thing, BB play and teams are down this year and last and doesn’t look that promising in the upcoming years. All said the same thing, players are skilled but they just don’t know BB and they did not understand really why with so many AAU YBOA programs going on now. It will be that way for a while I told them and explained why, they looked at me as if I discovered fire. Lastly I laughed and told them watch out, our 4,5,6,7 graders will be far better than the ones playing now, we are getting better athletes and that is easy. Really pretty simple but it is a journey not a sprint and there is pain along the way when you do it right. In the end we are looking for a stellar jr. high experience and a even better high school one. Beyond that God, puberty and family genes play a larger role than we do. I can guarantee, if you do play college no one will be more prepared than our players. I guarantee that and it is a journey. Notes: -Please do not park in the various business spaces on the left side along as you drive towards the gym. The Lawyer and Electrician seem to be a pain in the ass about their spaces when they are not there. Go figure. We are adding parking this week. -24 hr. Gym program- we have 10 participating now and seems to be going well. -AAU YBOA registration is now till late Feb. Let your teammates and friends know. More information will follow - Mardi Gras Camp upcoming- Titan players that want to come will be given a discount and pay only 75.00. Information coming. -Parties and Events- Gym is available for parties and events. 2.5 hrs for 200.00. You bring your stuff and take out trash. Pretty easy.