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July Update

Ok Lengthy Update with no one checking me for lawsuit possibilities. Feeling good today. Lol

First off we are in July n high schoolers are coming back, please for them n others coming back from baseball, go to website n hit the pay pal tab. Putting Rebecca to work will only get me 5-10 dollars a week. She isn’t work material, lol more like talking material. On serious side, it is easy to forget so please check and see if you have paid for July.

For those who come on Tuesday n Thursday, this is last week for Thursday till September. Thursday will be hosting 8/9 gr high school league with local high school teams. September we will resume Thursday’s. So instead of Thursday jump in Monday Or Wednesday.

Next Thursday 8/9 gr High School League will start next Thursday. I will have rosters by Friday for St.Pauls, FHS, MHS, Tangi, n our 2 Titan teams.

NEW FACILITY UPDATE- I Have One. We will start there in September with no disruption to training. In fact it will be just like it was when I started. Elise Reilly will appreciate the old Charles Tracey ways. It will be severely limited in numbers of participants n how we conduct training. I will put out a separate update next week detailing how I will do this n what you can expect.

What are we CHANGING TO?- we have contracted with a facility in Hammond n Slidell along with an organization in Baton Rouge n New Orleans to form LOUISIANA TITANS BASKETBALL TRAINING ACADEMY. We will play among our selves, train ourselves n develop local travel n Nat’L travel teams for year round play. We will model ourselves like several Northern National Operations. You know I have always said there is a better more sane n financial way of doing this, well with the right people finally. We are doing it. No more crazy travel or costs to get the exposure our players need based on their skill, for those elite we will have that covered as well. We are a 501c3 Non Profit organization. I will over see training methods n evaluations n others will handle the Day to Day business of the organization. Lol ya I know. Thank God.

I want to take this time to start to congratulate our MVP’s from last school season.

Madisonville JR High - Jack Branch
Fontainebleau Jr High Varsity- Ty Frazier
St. Paul’s - Blake Davis
Mandeville Jr High - Jesse Thorpe
Fontainebleau Jr High JV- Danny Roushar
Hannan Jr High- Grant Kemp

In addition Ty was Athlete of Year at FJH

Lastly we still have a few openings for our few remaining July Camps.

Thanks and See You Soon.