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July 3 on 3 Training Schedules

We are getting ready to jump into July n are continuing 3 on 3 training n games.

Saturday Schedule is the same last weeks.

6:00pm Training Sessions

7:00pm Training Sessions

11:30am - 12:45pm
8:00pm Training Sessions

Wear your Titan gear, for new players any questions text me back on this post or on my phone. Thanks

July starts our Junior High / Freshman league that we host for July n August. Games are on Thursday’s. We start July 19. If your child plans on playing BasketBall on a 7th or 8th grade team at a Junior High then he needs to start training and playing with us in July n August. We will play LHS, MHS, Hannan, FHS, Northshore, Pearl River n St. Paul’s. You can’t get any better prepared than this League.
For those finishing baseball you can jump in and start July.

We are still taking 6,7,8 graders for our July Basketball Camps. Scoring , Ball Handling, n Bigs. Give your child an advantage for Junior High. Contact Sonya at 985-373-7367.

Lastly I will repeat my self for the 9 zillionth time. If your child is a marginal player, meaning he or she is 4,5,6,7,8th player on their school or Rec teams than they need to be doing 3 on 3 training. Some of our players do travel n drop off for 3 on 3. They are doing it wrong. 3 on 3 is the best training we do all year. Without question, I should do 3 on 3 year round n I guarantee my players would be better for sure. So look into jumping back in.

Lastly n this ties into why I am so passionate about 3 on 3. In the past 3 weeks I have been told by 2 parents n 2 HS coaches about highly skilled players that are very talented but don’t play on their HS teams. WHY? - Not TOUGH Enough. No matter how good you are if your not tough enough to match tough players, your coach is going to have a hard time playing you. Just the facts, it happens every year at every school. I am not saying you have to fight, just be:

Mentally Tough
Physically Tough
Basketball Tough
Fundamentally Tough

3 on 3 n the way we teach n train it, helps prepare you for what your high school coach is expecting. Just my opinion.