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Getting into our new gym

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. With that said, it still is not enough appreciation for those who showed up, sweat and worked moving 16,000 sq. ft of BB court. We started picking it up at 8:30 and put the last square down at the new gym at 2:10. The greatest feeling was seeing old and new players and parents helping out. Many times I fail to meet what I expect of myself and my trainers to deliver to you and your child. My expectations are pretty high and in my mind the first 2 initials of NSP stands for Never Satisfied but I must say I was overwhelmed by your support Saturday. New parents to our program were even more amazed. That support speaks volumes of our program and our families. Again Thank you. For our new gym, we will start Monday there and will be our home for a long, long, time. The address is on the website. We will put a marker on the street sign for easier view. Now that our floors are down we will be putting our goals up over the next couple weeks. We have 2 mobile goals that will suffice for now. We will have stands available for seating for this week but as stated before we will be putting them away for training, so you will need to bring in your own chairs to sit in. We will be starting a few new practices that you will notice, they are all meant to keep our gym looking clean and presentable. I hope you like and agree with them. We will start to look more professional, this will make Coach Kenny, Hannah and several others very happy. Rest assured thou I will make sure we train your child like we are at our first gym, rough, hard and not for everybody. Having a chip on your shoulder focuses you.