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Game schedule Saturday 2-14-15

Here is the schedule for this weekend. With it being Mardi Gras, please text me ASAP if you cannot make your games as scheduled. Next week, we will train Mon, Wed, Thursday of next week, those who come on Tuesday are more than welcome on Monday. Teams: Blue - caleb b, jaycob, megan,caleb m, torin, jack v, philip s., bree w. White - danny r, mason, lionel, courtney, michael p, caleb, jada, connor c Red -tony, jeremy, kabren, luke, ryan, nolan, lauren, stephen Pewter - chase, cole, brady, alex e, mead, thompson twins, zach, katy Schedule: 9:00 white v. abita add: evan s., myles 10:00 blue v. red add: cameron d. 11:00 pewter v. abita add: kevin c., cameron o.