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Game Schedule for Saturday, September 20

Saturday September 20 Schedule @ Northshore Sportsplex

9:00 Court 1: Girls-Jordan, Jayden, Abigail,Jordan A, Grace P, Grace L, Haley, Delaney,Meghan B, Court 2: Boys- 3/4/5 Grade 10:15 Court 1: Girls- Ella R., Meghan B, Riley, Lauren M, Shelby, Sydney, Katie, Jada, Courtney Court 2: Boys -6/7 Grade 11:30 Court 1: Girls- Erin J, Sydney B, Sam T, Shawna, Taylor,Grace L, Mallory H, Cameron, Alyssa Notes:
  • Girls it will be 8.00 for each player for Ref. Fee's- Please have correct money so we don’t have to get change.
  • We will collect a door fee but our group will not pay, only Walker parents. We will have to pay when we travel to their gym. 3.00 fee
  • Both boys and girls wear blue mesh
  • Boys will finish up some offense and defense schemes, then scrimmage. Important they come focused because the next time will be game type scenario.
  • Boys 3/4/ grade boys will need to mark their birthdays on a sheet we provide. West St. Tammany league cut off date is Sept. 1 . We will play 7/8 and 9/10's, we will organize teams from this sheet.
  • For Boys- if your name is not listed below you go to our gym Saturday morning at the assigned grade time.

Saturday Schedule for Baton Rouge

Family Christian Academy 8919 World Ministry Ave. B.R 70810 Ref Fee's for Baton Rouge are 10.00 per player 2:20 /4:50 Canyon Celestine, Caleb B, Tony W, Danny Roucher,Cole D, Mason W, Chase W, Luke S, Bryce P, Brady Bollinger 3:10 / 6:20 London N, Connor M, Noah Parr, Bryan G, Evan S, Dylan, Michael C, Nathan L, Cleononce 10:50 / 12:50 Blake Bollinger, Hayden L, McMahon, Matthew, Alex T, Blake Ramsey, Thomas Warren, Marshall Unkoff, John Michael 5:40 / 7:10 Andrew M, Lucas Laborde, Cody Vasquez, Connor McCormick, Wesley, Tyson, Charlie M, Charlie R, Ethan R.