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Game Schedule for Saturday, May 25th

Hi everyone, Here is the game schedule for this weekend.  A few notes:
  • Check back later tonight as we will be adding names due to players being out of town.
  • All games are at our gym
  • Need to know by email asap if you can't make it.
  • $6.00 per player per game
Court 1: 9:00 Cajuns v. Gold & Purple (Brendan, Alex, Aiden, Isaiah, Aubrey, Jackson, Christopher G, Max, Dedrick & Kevin C) 10:00 White/Chrome v. N.O. 11:00 Cajuns v. Green/Grey (Alex E, Jacob A, Ben, Blake B, Burke, Walker, Conner M, Matthew S, Andrew M) 12:00 Hammond Select v. Navy (Add Alyssa & Claire) Court 2: 9:00 BSL Magic v. Ruby (add Alyssa & Claire) 10:00 Bay St Louis v. Black (Luke, Michael S, Nick R, Tim L, Patrick B, Tyler B, Adam & Tanner) 11:00 BSL Magic v. Copper 12:00 Bay St Louis v. Steel (Justin, Peyton G, Grant, Mac, Derrick, Matt S, Luke, Patrick B, Tyler B, Torey)