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Game Schedule for Saturday May 18

Here is the game schedule for this weekend. Please check back Thursday night and Friday for updates.  If you can't make your games please let Coach Charles know ASAP. Please note:
  • Red, Tan, and partials of Black and Steel will be in Brusly this Saturday.
  • All players are $6.00 a game per game at our gym, $10.00 in Brusly.

Games at Northshore Sportsplex:

Court 1 9:00 MGG 6 v. St. John 6 10:00 Indians 6 v. Titan Bronze plus Tyler & Jordan Thompson & Cameron 11:00 MGG 6 v. Titan Teal 12:10 St. John 6 v. Indians 6 1:10 Red Storm v. Titan Titanium plus Cameron, Corey, Hayden 2:10 St. John 6 v. Titan Crimson 3:20 St. John 8 v. Titan Brown 4:20 Lady Heat 8 v. Maroon plus Kayla T., Meghan H 5:20 St. John 8 v. Titan Orange plus Zander, Cameron & Colton 6:20 Lady Heat 8 v.  Titan Navy Court 2 9:00 MGG 8 v. Titan Titanium plus Jeremiah, Zach, Zander & Colton 10:00 Mixed 8th & 9th Boys vs. St. Tammany (Jacob D, Patrick B., Tyler B, Aiden H, Keifer, Brooks, Adam S., Lloyd G) 11:00 Indians 8 v. MGG 8 12:10 Mixed 8th & 9th Boys vs. St. Tammany (Tanner, Brooks, Matt C., Tyler B, TJ, Aiden, Lloyd G, Jacob D, Adam, Corey) 1:10 Indians 8 v. St. Tammany 2:10 Lady Heat 7 v. Copper plus Ella W. 3:20 Red Storm v. La Heat 7 4:20 Lady Heat 7 v. Ruby add Claire 5:20 Red Storm v. Titan (Bryce P, Breck, Anthony P, Lloyd G, Cameron, Chris B, Keifer, Matt C) 6:20 Lady Heat 7 v. Titan Maroon  

Games In Brusly

  • Titans Red plays 3:00 at Brusly High school and 5:00 at middle school
  • Titans Tan plays at 1:00 at high school and 4:00 at middle school
  • Titans Black / Steel play at 11:00 at high school and 3:00 at middle school
Brusly Middle School 601 N. Kirkland Rd Brusly, LA Brusly High School 630 Frontage Road Brusly, LA