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Game schedule for Saturday April 20

Hi everyone, Below are the games for this weekend in Westwego (Alario Center) and Hammond:


Games at the Alario Center in Westwego
  • Currently each team is only scheduled for their first game, their additional games will depend on whether they win or lose.  Check the local gym and with your coach for details.   Each team is guaranteed 3 games.
  • There WILL be games on Sunday.
  • Tournament fees are $35 per player
  • Everyone playing at the Alario Center MUST have their birth certificate.  No Exceptions!
  • Be at the gym one hour before your first game, as every player needs to check in to play.
  • Rosters will be posted shortly
  • Each team is a $350 registration fee to be divided among the players equally
BOYS 4th Grade Boys - 12:45 on Green Court 3 / 5:45 on Gold Court 4 Roster: London, Kevin, Dedrick. Preston, Jackson, Maxx H & Conner M 5th Grade Boys - 9:00 on Gold Court 4 / 2:00 on Gold Court 4 Roster:  Alex, Isiah, Brendon P, Aubrey, Ben H, John Henry, Brian G,  Hayden 6th/7th Grade Boys - 11:30 on Purple Court 2 / 7:00 on Gold Court 4 Roster: Dylan, Karston, Timmy, Breck, Bryce, Conner MC, Ben H, Tyler T 7th Grade Boys - 5:45 on Purple Court 2 / 8:15 on Gold Court 4 Roster: Adam, C.J, Charlie R, Tyler P, Colin Q, Jeremiah M, Chris Boone, Cameron P, Andrew E 8th Grade Boys - 12:45 on Red Court 5 / 4:30 on Blue Court 6 Roster:  Chandler D, Tyler B, TY G, Brooks, Tanner, Adam S, Xander, Matthew S, Matt B, Drew E   GIRLS 7th Grade Girls - 11:30 and 4:30 on Gold Court 4 Roster: Shawna, Angelle, Jayln, Taylor, Claire, Samantha, Allison, Erin, Alyssa, Ella   Games in Hammond - Ref Fees $12 per player 6th / 7th grade team - 12:00 and 3:00 at St Thomas Aquanias Roster: Walker, Creed, Jordan T, Doavon, Andrew D, Anthony, Carson, Johan, Ben F, Aaron O 7th / 8th Grade Boys - Game Times: 2:00 Hammond High & 5:00 at St. Thomas Aquinas Isaac Jordan T Davis F Anthony Jack Colton Josh S Aiden H Navy Girls - 10 & 2 St. Thomas Aquinas 9th grade boys - 4 & 6 St. Thomas Aquinas Grant Sam G Sam F Patrick B Nick R Michael S Tim L Derrick 10 grade boys  - 1 & 8 pm at St. Thomas Aquinas Justen derrick cody michael p matthew p mac kellvin jacob d sam f