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Game schedule for Saturday 10-25-14

Saturday October 25 Schedule at Northshoresportsplex Boys 9:15 Hagan N., Jeremy Autin, Danny, Chase, Zack L., Andre / Phillip S. Jaycob T., Ryan S., Reece, Mead, Lionel P., Tanner M., Nolan, Mason A., Connor C, Alex E., Michael P. Luke S., David Cuccia, Bryce P, Mead A., 11:00 7:00 Monday / Wednesday boys group plus Tony W., Mason W, Cole D, Brady B, Cameron Darr Girls 9:15 Girls-Jordan P, Abigail, Grace P, Grace L, Jayden P, Haley, shawna, Meghan B, Jordan A. 11:35 Girls- Ella R., Meghan B, Riley, Lauren M, Shelby, Sydney, Katie, Jada, Courtney, Bree W., Rachel O. 10:25 Girls- Sydney B, Sam T, Shawna, Jordan A, Grace P, Jaden n jordan, Cameron


  • Everybody wears blue mesh
  • 5.00 for refs
  • November 1st will be in Baton Rouge

For those attending Coaches Clinic Sunday:

  • 4, 5, 6 grade is for 3:00-4:00
  • 7,8,9 grade is 4;00-5:00 for this Sunday only due to Saints Game.
  • Parents are asked to drop players off then leave and return to pick players up. Helps the High School Coaches keep and maintain your childs attention.
  • Bring Payment made out to NSP.