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Game Schedule 4.2.16

Saturday April 2 Schedule 10:00 / 3:00 BACK GYM  St Amant Middle stone, isabel, addison, birch,cameron, nick, mead, nolen 10:00 Main/ 12:00 Back   St Amant Middle jaden, grant, anthony, hayden,cole, reese, connor, oliver, 12:00 MAIN / 3:00  BACK  ST Amant Middle danny s, danny r, brady, mason, caleb, jesse, blake, jack, ben 5:00 back/ 7:00 main     St Amant Middle london, cuccia, john henry, nathan L, blake b, gareth, caleb dlc, mcmahon, connor murphy 9:00 main / 1:00pm back St Amant HIGH SCHOOL brendon p, andrew m, isiah, hayden, connor mccormick, jack, jacob L,marshal, matthew mahoney This is a Saturday / Sunday Tournament. There will be games on Sunday, times depend on how you do on Saturday games. If you think you cant do Sunday I need to know so I can replace you. We cant add on Sunday. Tourney fee is 25.00 for all players. Will collect at first game Wear grey Jersey, if you don’t have one bring a grey and white tee shirt and your training mesh blue and white. We will figure out at gym. Be at gym 30 min prior to game. Each school has 2 gyms - a main and a back gym. Main and Back gym. I have noted it on schedule. Girls will play at our gym, we will post times on Friday. If you are not on list of boys for Saturday you are off. Everyone will be playing next Saturday. 3-6 gr Boys at Home, 7-10 gr boys and Girls in New Orleans - Charles