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Game Schedule 3.26.16

Notes for the weekend: NOTIFY CHARLES  ASAP if you cannot make any of the games for which your player is scheduled. -Pay close attention to the rosters for the weekend, since several players are playing on more than one team. -Arrive 30 minutes before the game -BOYS TEAMS $6 referee fee will be collected at the door on admission for EACH game. Hannah will collect $6 fees per game for GIRLS FEES at that location. Please have CORRECT CHANGE, as this is a frequent challange for us. -Those attending games at Northshoresportsplex should plan to bring additional seating as we expect the stands to be full. -Parking will be challanging. Do not park on cement parking pad in front of the businesses on the left coming in. We have permission to park on the lot to the right as you turn on Caleb lane, front and back. (Where the 18 wheeler is always parked.) -No outside food or drink allowed. Concessions provided on site   4 grade cameron, nick, mead, zack, peyton, isabel,           10:10 / 2:50 nolen, drew 5 grade oliver, grant, nick,cameron, max, cole d            9:00 / 4:00 reese, anthony, hayden m, jaden 4/5 gr boys play @ Mandeville Junior High 6 grade a nick trailor, tony, caleb, jesse, megan,          2:50 crt2 harrison, ty, nathan l 6 grade b danny r, colin, luke, blake, jack, christian w           1:40 crt2 / 5:10 crt2 myles, mason, 7 grade a -  london, nathan l, john henry, alex e             9:00 crt 2 / 11:20 crt1 dylan c, alex t, christian w, brady , brian g 7 grade b  - tony, caleb, mcmahon, cuccia, gareth,          9:00 crt 1 / 11:20 crt2 blake bollinger, jesse, caleb dlcruz, 8 grade a mahonies, brendon p, dylan d, bollinger           10:10 crt1 / 12:30 crt1 hayden, isiah, dylan h 8 grade b ben h, ben r, jacob h, marshal, alex englade         10:10 crt2 london, andrew m, nathan l, jack 9 grade tony, duce, dylan h, jacob h, connor m,          2:50 crt1 jack, austin, jaden,jordan n tyler t 10 grade jacob h, ethan, roy, seth, jacob r,           1:40 crt1 / 6:20 crt2 christian h, charlie r, 6-10 gr boys play @ Northshoresportsplex All boys pay 6.00 per game they play in Girls 6 grade rachel, riley, katey, kiera, brynn, tee, 11:30 / 1:40 lauren, addison, kienly, rebecca, kristen 8 grade brynn, tee, grace, grace, jordan a, 8:15 / 10:25 megan, audry, courtney, hannah & emily 10 grade picone twins, sam, angelle, paige, lindsey 3:30 / 6:00 claire, hailey, cameron Girls play @ Concordia Lutheran 6700 Westbank Parkway Marrero 70072 Girls pay 6.00 per game they play in