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Game schedule 11-14-15

Saturday Schedule at our Facility
10:00 Clee , Scott, Myles, Mead
oliver, Trey, Bren, Tee
Audry, Bree, Zack, Rebecca, Keira,
Katy, Rachel, Nick, Brice, Nolan
11:00 Twins, Caleb, Chase, Jeremy,
Jacob, megan, Canyon, Jessee,
Alex, Harrison, Mason, Cole D,
Grace, Grace, Haley,
12:00 8:00 group, london, connor, cuccia,
  I could use volunteers to help Saturday As we put 2 of the goals up. Volunteers will be assisting As we put the piping on the forklift to raise. Will be a long day Any assistance would be appreciated. We have 2 guys putting Piping up just need help on the floor arranging and holding Support lines. Will start at about 7:00 till. Segments of hours would be Appreciated. Let me know by text. 985-773-4185 If you can’t make Saturday games I need to know, Thanks