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For Our Recreation League Games

For our Recreation League Games starting tonight. All the teams n schedules have been posted on website. Some teams play tonight some Saturday morning. A few things about the league.

This is for the kids. Games are a reward for their hard work n for coaches to see if what they have been taught at training is being applied in game. That is it. All we ask of your child is effort n hustle n the best they can do.

After the league season we will randomly select the teams and place them in a end of season tournament. Where there will be one winner in each division.

Remember games are a reward, what is important is the training we are doing. So far we have had a descent turn out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but I know we are still missing many. As a person who is pretty knowledgeable on how to develop players, you won’t get better training by anyone anywhere than by myself n my group.

Remember if your child does not attend training or their team practice than there is a chance of not playing much in games. This is a “Earned Playing Time League” not a everybody is guaranteed playing time League.

In addition I ask you to act properly. Recreation departments hate basketball season. It brings out some of the worst people in confined space. The Officials are not perfect n neither is your child. These years are for development n learning so that if your child wants a high school career, they have a chance at it. Let’s all get along n make this something special for the players.

Lastly, there have been and there will be a few learning lessons in the first week or two but we will correct n fix. Just trying to make this the best we can on somewhat short notice. As you enter the gym for games, there will be a 2.00 game fee. We are needing to do this as we fell short on sponsors n need the additional money to pay officials. Next year we will have the proper amount of sponsors n game fee will not be necessary. So please have 2.00 or 5.00’s available so that we don’t need a zillion ones’s to break a 20.00 or 50.00.

Thank you n thanks to those who helped sponsor this league n coach teams on such short notice. We will be publicizing those sponsors next week. Jerseys are in but not yet screened. Will have them for next week.

Thanks and enjoy your child learning the game of basketball.

Regards, Charles