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Fall Registration Starts Now – Read These Important Changes

Fall registration is starting now.  We are making MAJOR changes to our enrollment policy so please take a few minutes to read this, and don't put off registering! This year we will be training on 1 full court only, Monday thru Friday. Certain classes will be Beginners / Intermediate while other classes will be our Advanced. We will only train 120 players as opposed to our traditional 200. We are doing this in order to better train our players. In the past we had too many players and I needed to much help, not now, your child will be trained by our core coaches. We will get back to what I did originally and that is to highly focus on player development. We got too scattered in trying to train everybody and in doing it I lost focus on the development training of our advanced players as well as the process of building up our new players and beginners. I will be involved in every kid there, not sure if that is good or bad but I do know they will be better players for it. What does this mean to you? Well Registration for the fall is now – August 17th.  Click here to Register Now. Classes start on Aug. 19th once we fill the classes up, we are done. The old way of taking players for a month or so is over. We will obviously be full so if you plan on training with us please sign up ASAP. Our players come first then new players will follow and fill in the open slots. We will train and then build our teams from our training players. By the way, yes we are opening another facility in Hammond. We now have teams and leagues for everybody: Fall, Spring & Summer. Mid Aug. - December: Training for all players Mid Aug.- December: Jr. High, Fresh & JV Training & Games October-December: AAU / YBOA League Games November-January: 7/8, 9/10 Boys & Girls WST Parish League Teams