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Coach’s Letter August 23 2012

Dear Parents, Well I hope everyone had a great summer and now that we are getting ready to get into September and the Fall Portion of our program I want to make clear what we are doing from September on. Any questions please email me and we can clarify promptly. New Schedule The New Fall Training Schedule for Sept-December is posted on line. Notice the majority of our classes are going Monday and Wednesday.  A few notes:
  • We will add Friday as we organize teams.
  • We have the schedule separated into advance classes which are for our players who have been in our program for a while.
  • We have the training classes for those new to our program.
  • We as coaches will identify and specify which classes you should be attending. We will format this on paper and have it listed so there is no confusion.
  • There will be times when players jump in and or out depending on approved situations.
From this point forward we will do a much better job of not mixing beginners with established somewhat more advanced players. As always we reserve right to place players where we think they need to be for development reasons. > Click here to view the new Fall training schedule New Specialty Classes In addition we have added 3 specialty classes:
  • Scoring the Ball
  • Advanced Ball handling
  • Shooting
These classes will be in place of 1 day of training or in addition too if approved.  There will be an additional charge and players will be approved by coaching staff before being accepted.  Those interested should contact Kristina in the office next Monday or Tuesday. Classes are limited in number of students. We will make Wednesday and Friday our team classes as we get into September. The other groups (New Orleans (2 groups) and Denham Springs) that we are planning on playing with are getting started now and should be ready for late September. This season is scheduled to go to Mid November, some teams may go longer is available.  8th and 9th graders will stop when needed to avoid school rules conflicts. Our internal Development teams will play in the same timeframes. If you have friends interested please invite them to play with us. Biddy Program Biddy Program that we will be doing will be originated as Abita Biddy Program.  Everyone is encouraged to participate. I have talked with Biddy Headquarters about our situation and we will be meeting with Mandeville and Madisonville to iron out issues. There should be no real problem for anyone wanting to play with us as we only have a few exception players that have played all stars with other programs. In addition since the other programs have basically cheated the system when it has been convenient for them there should be no issue with the few exception players we have. We will be meeting soon with both rec. departments and biddy. The season will run November –Early March. Teams will consist of 7/8, 9/10, 11/12’s boys and girls. Information will come out shortly as we get it.   Championship Boot Camp Championship Boot Camp is starting up with Coach Kenny. He will contact you if your child has been selected. For our new comers this is a Sunday program that teaches leadership, how to be a good team mate, accountability and other needed characteristics to our players. There will be one for older and younger players. Any additional questions can be directed to Coach Kenny. > Click here to learn more about Championship Boot Camp   Casino Night September 15th Here we go, you asked for it - a night just for our PARENTS. We have contracted with a professional gaming company to entertain us for a night. Gaming provided will be Roulette, Craps, Texas Hold’em, Black Jack, Slots. We will have Hors D’oeurvres, Wine, Drinks and Music. In addition we will have silent auction and a live auction in which you will be able to spend your winnings. Great prizes (jewelry, boat trips, signed merchandise etc.) and a fantastic time. We will also have a company in the gym that is in the jewelry business and part of basketball program from the beginning that will buy your gold and silver at top dollar on the spot. Newly opened Skin Science from Metairie will be providing an $80.00 skin analysis for those interested - free of charge. It will be a great night. Tickets are $100.00 per couple which entitles you to $500.00 in casino money, food, drinks, skin analysis and ability to get rid of unwanted gold/silver jewelry. Trying to book a magician and lion tamer and I think the night will be complete. LOL.  No excuses come and bring friends. Email me, Coach Kenny or come to gym to get tickets. > Click here for all the details on Casino Night New Stuff- Gavin Guidry will be our new Speed and Agility trainer. He is already working with a few of older players and comes highly recommended from those parents. I have taken considerable time to make sure Gavin understands what we are looking for in a trainer. I have gone over with him who we are and what we expect. All these guys think they are training Deon Sanders and fail to understand our players need a foundation and a program built from there. Gavin, I now feel understands and is willing to work with us. His information is on the desk and will be on website shortly. His will start Sept 5th and his days will be Mon, Wed, Friday and some Saturday’s. VIA Volleyball- Will now once again be part of our facility. They will train on Tuesday and Thursday in the fall. They will start in September. I figured if I can’t beat them join them. Northshore Volleyball is no longer part of our facility. Food and Drink from outside will no longer be allowed.  If you bring your water bottle to practice that's fine, but if you want to bring in snacks or bottled drinks like soda or sports drinks we ask you not to bring those anymore.  If you can’t buy it from the machine we are sorry. Machine money takes care of our Electric bill. We have enough of a selection for an hour or so stay. Your help and understanding is appreciated.   REMEMBER THE SEPTEMBER 15TH DATE 6:30-9:30. WE WILL HAVE THE LSU GAME TAKEN CARE OF, THEY ONLY PLAY IDAHO STATE. WILL BE A GREAT NIGHT………. Thanks, Charles