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Coach’s Letter April 25 2013

Dear Parents, I would like to first thank all those who attended our Crawfish Boil and Auction. We had a tremendous turnout and believe everyone had a great time. Of all the good things we do the ability to get our people together for something other than basketball is my favorite. We will be doing Casino Night again sometime in the Summer. We did it for the first time last year and it was a great time. Far better than anyone of us thought it would be. This year we will need to have more gaming tables so that there is no waiting for an open spot. We will let you know when time gets near. As far as what we ended up with dollar wise at the end of the boil, we netted about $4,100.00. I want to thank many for their assistance and gift contributions but several by name. Todd and Kristina Torregano for everything they did and do along with Jeremy Piccone and Rhonda Bagby, for all their help. Now for basketball, this past week several of our teams combined and played in a state basketball tourney in New Orleans. WE do this from time to time because I have a weak moment and appease our dedicated and loyal parents. The parents ask on behalf of their children and I understand. Why we don’t do these type tourneys on a regular basis is because sometimes and often they become ugly. Anytime games go till Sunday tempers and patience become short. We had two ugly acts in our games on Sunday; one involved our 5th grade boys playing in a semi- final game and our 7th grade girls playing in the state championship game. Both ended sort of ok but that is not we are about or want to participate in on a regular basis. I apologize to the parents and players there but unfortunately that is what passes as sportsmanship at times at these type events. On a positive note and to clear up anything some of you may hear from other parents or what your child may hear- we are a TRAINING FACILITY. We the coaches got more Wow’s this week from other teams and parents in New Orleans because of the play of our teams. Two of our teams placed second in state while one other placed third. Understand when we combine our teams to participate in large tournaments we are better than good. WE don’t combine because that is not making your child better, being on regular teams and busting their butts trying to compete is. While putting this letter together I received an email from a concerned parent with a few issues, I will address them now because as a new player in our organization they are valid questions, some we can improve upon, some we can’t. Before I get into the issues, remember you can always get ahold of Kristina in the office on Monday and Wednesday and she can most likely answer any question you may have for me. Best way to get ahold of me is by text. I fill up my phone each day with messages. First issue is “Not knowing till late Thursday our schedule” As we discussed in the parent meetings this is the worst part of what we do. These schedules change all week with teams adding, dropping, not responding or the tournament calling you on Thursday morning and saying not enough teams entered so there is no tournament. That is also a reason we don’t do certain tournaments or associate with certain people or teams. Just plain UNRELIABLE. We do our best to get the correct schedule to you as soon as possible. I wish we were like soccer and volleyball but we aren’t and most likely never will be. “Not playing enough” We will try to get all players to play at least 3 weekends or worst 2 weekends a month. For the newer players on newer teams it gets to be a challenge as we try to get the players up to speed while finding games they can be competitive in. Can’t bring 8 gr boys to a 6 gr game. Although it may match up ok parents have a problem with size issue. So we do two things, put the newer players on a single team and try to play them against like competition whenever possible or place them on a proven squad and try to get ample playing time. We prefer the first option but do our best to achieve some type of playing time. As player progresses it is easier to place on teams and gain playing time. Once season starts in full swing, matching new teams up with like competition is tough. Guys there are a ton of things we could do to improve our organization but costs is just the killer. We are the biggest and almost oldest at just 7 yrs. old. We are the ONLY year round bb organization because it doesn’t work unless your plain crazy with equally crazy qualified volunteers. Everybody you see is a volunteer; no one gets paid for their services because of cost. Facility, Insurance, Utilities etc, all the while you could do this for almost free at a rec. center. I have volleyball in only to offset cost. If I could afford not to have them I would. If we could get the numbers we get in the spring, stay and participate year round I would not need volleyball or speed and agility. That is why nobody does what we do and no one will. I am that NUTS. I don’t have a big enough staff to accommodate the issues, requests, needs, attention and demands our organization requires. So a lot of stuff goes by the wayside, I realize it but can’t do anything about it. We cover all we can, the best we can. I know, I know volunteers and we have some but it doesn’t work that way, trust me we have done it and have the people to tell you that. Again please contact us if you feel the need, I have thick skin about this and want only the best for you and your family. Trust me my mom calls 3x’s a week with things I need to fix and improve on and she doesn’t let up till it is done. While we are on this subject, we will be registering for our “SUMMER 6 MAN 3 ON 3 LEAGUE”. Simply the best thing we do for player development. Registration is May and starts in June-August. For those doing AAU we just bleed into it. Games on Friday evening and Saturday. Practices Mon. and Wed. Get a friend and play with us for the summer, you will learn more. We will be allowing outside teams to participate for the first time and will play games against our sister operation in New Orleans. Sept-November is Fall AAU and then November- January is West St. Tammany Basketball League. We are now trying to secure numbers year round. We now can GUARANTEE you games and leagues to play in. In the past we just trained in the fall and numbers dropped. That is the killer to what we do. Hopefully we can supplant rec. ball for those who want to play. This is the first step to keeping our number up like they are for spring. PREY for us. Don’t get me wrong, we would love and encourage you to play rec. ball because you are our best advertising but in order to improve our org. we need numbers consistently. Lastly, we do a good job of teaching and training in the spring but our best work and best learning is summer and fall season. That is the offseason and when you get better, now we are seeing how hard you worked in the summer and fall. I evaluate how our players are performing now based on what we taught in the summer and fall. Not surprising the best players now, train in the summer and fall with us. You want your child to be close to that, it takes summer and fall playing. That simple.