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Coach’s Letter 9-23-12

Dear Parents, First off a BIG thank you to the following: Jessica Darby, Kacie Torregano, Keith Spitchley, Kelly Kramer, Heather Rink, Gigi Troncoso, Kenny Troncoso , Kristina Torregano and Todd Torregano. These individuals made the Casino Night a BIG success. For those who missed it, you missed a great event. From the food and drink to the music to the Casino atmosphere to the gaming tables it was a ton of fun. Next time we will go longer because no one was ready for 9:30 when it rolled around. We will do this in the Spring when I’m pretty sure LSU won’t be playing the Light House for The Blind. By the way next time we will make sure only Americans will win prizes at the end of the night. No Canadians! Fall AAU-  We will be playing almost every weekend for the next few weeks. More boy teams are forming now so it will be easier to play in the next few weeks. As always check the website for your child’s game times and locations. Speed & Agility Training - our Speed/Agility trainer is now operating on Monday and Wednesday, see him about your child’s opportunity. He is very, very reasonable in price. New Orleans Basketball Training Academy is now set to open across the lake. Instead of waiting for others to do something like we have been for the past three years, I decided to do it myself. So from November on we will have other teams to play on a continually basis. You know how I feel about soccer, volleyball and baseball well the fact still remains they have organized operations all over that work with each other and now so will we. I’m cutting out all the want to be’s, procrastinators, full of bull etc. out of the picture. We will house the boys Mid City Cyclones Spring AAU teams, the girls New Orleans Bearcats Spring/Fall AAU teams, the NOLA 3 on 3 Summer League  and the Fall PrePrep Development League. Both the Mid City Cyclones and the PrePrep organizations are already organized and running now. The Southshore Facility will be staffed by coaches from Jesuit, Rummel, DeLaSalle, Haynes Academy, Kehoe France, Riverdale and several other prominent schools in the area that will be announced shortly. We will bring many of these High School coaches over to help train and instruct our own Titan players. This will be a great advantage to our own players as they will then see what players in New Orleans are expected to do. Our goal is to form Select teams that will play in Spring & Fall with no exceptions to any other sports as well as our own development teams for the same time frames. We will play in our own tourneys as well as the traditional ones we have played in the past. Our schedule will now be organized with times, dates and locations as it has never been before. This is not the last new location we will be doing. Thanks, Charles