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Coaches Letter May 24 2012

Dear Parents, As we go into the Memorial Day weekend and our last month of AAU in June, I will answer a few more questions that have been posed to me a while back as well as recently. In addition I want to explain our position on our players who leave us to play for other AAU or Local teams for a season on just a few games. This AAU season we have lost 5 players from our program due to their personal decision or their mis informed decision, and or their dumb decision. I will address and clarify. I will also put in place a committee to decide if we should release players for violations. In past it was my decision and as I reflect I know I give little room in these cases but that may not be the best policy since the person that gets hurt is the player. Having parents that may not totally understand the future implication is the not the players fault. Lastly I will let you know what we are doing in June and July.

New Facility Directory Named

First I want all of you to say hello and welcome Kristina Torregano as you come in on Monday and Tuesday to the gym. She is the newest member of our staff as our Facility Director. Kristina has three girls in our program and has been with us for almost 2 yrs. Kristina will do the billing, uniforms, facility programs and the business side of what we have been missing. I heard you and Kristina is our answer. Any questions can go to her as she will be at gym on Monday and Tuesday as her office hours. Her goal is to professionalize the gym and come up with and drive revenue generating ideas. You can still send any question to my email address as Kristina will have access to it. Her number is 985-502-8495.

Players Switching Programs / Teams

This AAU has been the hardest on me and we have lost several long time players to other teams. This occurs in our business but it is most disturbing to me when we give proper advice and parents still go against it. Reason being is when it occurs with our younger players it usually takes a year or so for the parents to come back and ask for re instatement. So far every player that has left us has come back, said we were correct and asked to be let back in. Here is our policy on playing with other teams. If we do not have a team at your grade level than you are free to play elsewhere and train with us. If we disband your team due to player attitudes or crazy parents than you are free to train with us and play on other teams we have or with other organizations. The hook comes in when you leave us to play for another team when we have a team for you to play with. Then you will not be welcomed back. If your child is an 8-yr old than that is a long time if you’re a sophomore than probable no big deal. What frustrates me is that we are a program not a one-time stop, we are about developing your child not using them to win. Which is what coaches that contact you about switching teams is all and only about. We will be here 5 yrs from now where as your team that you left us for will change by next year because half those kids will change teams over and over. I know players that have been on 4 teams in 3 yrs. Not the type people we want anyway. Again and I will say this over and over, let us develop you child and play him or her where we see fit. We have a proven system for development. If your child is a superior athlete than they will be a superior player with us, if they are average athlete than we will make them better than the average basketball player if that is what they want. This is not our first rodeo and when you get the call to switch ask the coach where were they when your child was not so good.

Commercial Training Companies

If you going for speed and agility or conditioning, than ask me and we will suggest people. When you go please do not get roped into all the BELLS and WHISTLES. You are wasting your money. I had a few parents recently ask about a local group that wanted to put their under 11 yr. old kids on machines with lights and sensors and monitors. Don’t waste your money; I gave them the same information the fancy stuff was going to tell them. Their kids were slow, couldn’t jump well and reflexes needed help. Oh by the way the company needed about 20 sessions to fix it. If your child is a superior elite athlete than maybe and then wait till they are in in 7th or 8th grade. Know what fixes those problems? Maturity. That is free. I get asked to teach shooting and I don’t do it till kids are in 7th grade, reason being is their too young and often to weak. If I do teach to younger ones it is footwork and hand position. These people buy this fancy crap that is meant for professional athletes and target parents with young kids. They bring you in for one thing then sell you the bull because it is for your child. Don’t buy it, they ought to put those people in jail.

June & July Activities

We will still do tourney’s for AAU in June but will also start transferring into the 3 on 3 portion of our summer program. Those teams not playing weekend AAU games will play 3 on 3 at the gym. We will form the teams each week and post schedules by Thursday. We have had some confusion on the 3 on 3 program. Real simple - just fill out registration form at desk and give to office. We will flow you in, payment for team and training is still $130.00 a month like AAU but NOT on top of. July will be $130.00 as well. Games will go into first week in August. Invite a friend to play with us. For those not training and only doing games it is $125.00 a month. Lastly for those boys going into St. Paul for 8th grade as well as our existing 8th graders, I will form you guys into a separate group starting in June for June and July training. Coach Ryan will be starting an Advanced Ball Handling Skills Class starting next week (Tues n Thursday) from 3:30-5:00. I will be doing a Shooting Class on (Tuesday and Thursday) starting next Thursday – July. Details for all will be in gym and on web. Remember our players are your kids and as much as they want to succeed they want your approval more than anything. This is more than basketball it is about them finding their way through hard work, success, failure and getting up and continuing on. This isn’t life or death, it’s a learning experience for us all. Be happy with who your child is, that is all they want. Thanks, Charles