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Coaches Letter May 14 2012

Titans families, First of all, I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and did something really nice for your mothers!  Here are the weekly updates for things we have going on at the gym:

Fundraiser Postponed

The fundraiser scheduled for this Saturday will be postponed due to the fact we got a late start and Graduation issues with many parents. We will put together the fundraiser for sometime in June or July.

3 on 3 leagues - AAU/YBOA updates

AAU & YBOA will continue through June. In addition, we have had so much confusion about the 5 man “3 on 3” leagues that we will just do the same thing as last year - merge it in with AAU and YBOA during June and continue it into July. The first half of June will be mostly AAU and YBOA, and the second half of June we will start with “3 on 3”. We will continue the same monthly pay structure:
  • On a team $130.00
  • Just training $115.00
  • Just doing league and no training $125.00
We will use same uniforms as we have presently. Games will be mostly in the morning as not to interfere with those choosing to do recreational ball as well.

Upcoming Weekend Games

This coming weekend (May 19), the girls will be in Walker (including 3/4 graders) and the majority of boys will be in Old Metairie at the Cyclone Invitational – a good tournament with Saturday games only. Thanks Charles